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Why even though the evaluation is poor - NBA 2K21 is still bought by many friends?

NBA 2K21 Date: Sep/07/20 04:19:33 Views: 637

Since the release of NBA 2K21, many players should have discovered a remarkable phenomenon. Many traditional scoring media have scored above medium to high, but players are reluctant to give it even 1 point. Of course, we can't know or guess whether the high-scoring media think the game is fun, at least in the players' consistent comments, we can understand that there is some problem with this game.

However, another phenomenon appeared at this time. Even though the evaluation is low, the "NBA 2K" series has almost sold millions of dollars since the past, and even the game console has become more prevalent in recent years. It has been sold for two consecutive generations. With a record of breaking 10 million, it can be said that he is the only champion among related NBA games. Even more so, at the beginning of this year, the NBA officially signed a 7-year long-term licensing contract with developer 2K Games for 1.1 billion US dollars.

Many people must be curious about this. Why is a game where everyone is smashed, but it still breaks ten million from generation to generation. Is it true that the players are not learning? Or is the law of right fragrance coming again? Let's look at the most critical, sad, but almost inexplicable root cause of NBA 2K.


Why even though the evaluation is poor - NBA 2K21 is still bought by many friends?

No competitors
Players who have been paying attention to basketball games for a long time should remember the EA's NBA Live series. It and the NBA 2K series have been major competitors for the past ten years, and both sides have their fans. After all, EA has a lot of experience in sports games, and it is also a senior who launched the basketball game in 1989 (renamed NBA Live only in 1995).

However, as time goes by, players prefer the immersiveness of the "NBA 2K" series because the developers emphasize the real capture of each player’s movements or small habits, and have also developed their own player’s gameplay. Fans who have an understanding of basketball and various star players are immediately caught in it, which also establishes the fact that NBA 2K is better than NBA Live. Even the development of NBA Live was stopped entirely from 2011 to 2013 (NBA Elite 11 is a mobile game), and it was not officially restarted until 2014. Unfortunately, the booming "NBA 2K" made EA another miserable defeat for three years, and it stopped development in 2017.

Although EA returned to NBA Live18 for the second time, many new elements have been added, such as the WNBA lineup, the first to make self-made female players (later 2K also kept up), and so on. But in terms of action, players are still criticized for being too mechanized, and after years of serious problems such as the fluency of NBA 2K, it is meaningless even if the screen has beaten the opponent. Now, "NBA Live 20", which should have been launched in July, was delayed until the end of 2019 due to some reasons. Of course, some people speculated that it was because of the actual NBA season 10 that it started, and it was also to avoid a collision with 2K.

Having said the opponent so much, let us return to the point. Because of this, NBA Live has changed from a strong competitor to an indifferent loser, making "NBA 2K" sit more and more stable; the fan base is fixed, even if you want to leave, you will play another action. Are the details and modes of other-brand games not up to the standard? In the end, this group of fans who love the NBA will continue to purchase the next generation of games to operate the team and players they dream of, as the season information is updated.

From the perspective of dominance alone, the 7-year contract with an additional US$1.1 billion has been signed, the 7th generation contract. Looking at how many companies are willing to invest in the market. This is because 2K Games knows that in the current dominant position, even the old sports game company EA, which has a lot of resources, cannot compete with them, just like taking a reassurance.

In addition to the gameplay remaining unchanged in the park and MyTeam, the Pay for Win element's importance is increasingly bold in microtransactions. Of course, as to whether to strengthen AI to force players to spend money to draw cards, most of them are currently players’ personal feelings, but it is undeniable that in the latest NBA 2K21, although some do not necessarily need to be purchased with real money, However, the MyTeam trailer emphasizes random gambling, which also proves that it is more important to make money from those iron fans than to strengthen the game content of basketball itself. After all, the micro-transaction revenue generated by "NBA 2K19" alone is as high as more than 300 million US dollars. Why not do this?

Players who are forced or have no choice have gradually developed a trend of buying and scolding. Everyone knows that next year’s next generation may update a little graphics rendering, player team data, mini-games, and achievement medals. Please put on the new LOGO, and sell it for $60. But for them, at least they can curse this nasty 2K and "NBA 2K" series in significant forums, digital stores, and circle of friends to make up for that unwillingness. Some people can only make up for their unwillingness through the constant Buy NBA 2K21 MT to maintain a happy experience in front of you.

The problem of the "NBA 2K" series can be said to be the final result created between the player and the developer. Starting from the 2K dominance after EA's failure, the players thought that they would no longer have to consider which side to choose every year. Deep in the mud, it isn't easy to get out. 2K, who has tasted the incredible sweetness of micro-transactions, also knows the truth, knowing that as long as the iron fans underneath "maintain the same level of the game in the past," even if they scold them, they will pay the bill, because there is no other place to take refuge.

Of course, this is not to say that "NBA 2K" or NBA 2K21 is a bad game, but that it has no sincerity for the old players. Those who have supported the brand for a long time look at many typical bugs and servos. The stability of the device, Pay for Win, and entire content bring only disappointment every year. But for a new player, it is a high-quality NBA work that is quite fun. At the same time, looking back at the disappointing NBA Live, who else can you choose besides it?

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