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What is NBA 2K21?

NBA 2K is an NBA basketball game produced by Takestar-Two Interactive's Rockstar Games and 2K Games. The first version was released on November 10, 1999. This series of works has a full range of NBA experience, exquisite player artificial intelligence and signature moves, and other characteristics. Users can feel the subtleties of basketball through meticulous and precise operations and appreciate the beauty of basketball tactics. NBA 2K is more The most popular and long-lived basketball game series on each platform. Since 2005, new episodes have been released every year, continually innovating in graphics and gameplay.

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RT (Mar,19/23)
2 / 5
excellent service, very quick and useful
Glen Whiltey (Mar,13/23)
5 / 5
Ordered and they were ready 5 minutes later. The run was great no one died but me...2 of them were able to give me there loot so it was a huge upgrade for me!
Melissa M (Mar,12/23)
5 / 5
worked like a charm
Grieger (Mar,12/23)
5 / 5
easy and fast service.
just me (Mar,09/23)
5 / 5
The best thank no scam
Pizor (Mar,08/23)
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very good in email 2 mins
Average user rating
4.9 / 5
4.9 out of 5 (from 1227 gamers' ratings)

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5 ★
Votes(1139) / 93%
4 ★
Votes(38) / 3%
3 ★
Votes(21) / 2%
2 ★
Votes(29) / 2%
1 ★
Votes(0) / 0%

NBA 2K News And Guides

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This article will rank some of the most popular Finishing Badges in Season 5, and at the same time summarize the level yield of badges through test data, and attach the conditions required to unlock different levels of badges.

Best 100K MT teams in MyTeam - 2K23

This will be one of the best budget teams out there. If you build a team on a cheap budget in NBA 2K23 MyTeam, this squad does the job excellently, keeping your budget under 100K MT.


This is a near-perfect Ja Build. It can get ankle breakers, rare contact dunk animations, and green from anywhere on the court with the most elite dribble moves. Please watch the video for details.


DENNIS RODMAN is famous for his focus on defense and rebounding, which is particularly unique among the NBA's super scorers. If you like his style of play, check out the build below that will make your player the strongest rebounding monster in the game.

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