FAST DELIVERY Over several years of supplying our solutions to players worldwide, we have always been asked the same question. "When will I get my NBA 2K21 MT?" We are strict in the workplace, providing the best experience for our customers. Now we are launching an industry-first page that contains full openness into delivery times. Listed below, you will locate the upgraded distribution info for orders made in real-time. We hope this additional information will supply clarity when you get your NBA 2K21 MT. Many elements may postpone your shipment, as well as we believe that a clear checklist of concerns will speed up distributions for everyone. The following list is the main factors that usually delay the delivery of NBA 2k21 MT:

- Incorrect Information : Wrong delivery info is the top factor. An order is postponed. Please regularly ascertain all punctuation and details got in. You can confirm the info by looking up your order number on our internet site or inspecting the order verification email.

- Unavailability - Next, being AFK or unable to receive delivery for certain games causes lengthy hold-ups. If you are not online when we prepare to send your gold, items, etc. you may be required to wait for the next shipment timeframe.

- High Demand : During new game updates/releases, we typically experience an abrupt spike of orders, which sometimes brings about longer distribution times. The control panels listed below can aid you in figuring out if there are any problems.

- Out of Stock : While we always try to have stock handy, we do not run out because of high demand. Unfortunately, we can not anticipate all stock for all games due to many complex factors, but we will always

- Verification Requirements - Occasionally, we call for additional confirmation and security demands for an order. If you receive this demand, please complete all requirements asap so we can provide your request.

The following graphical report summarizes the delivery time of orders in the past month. Although these reflect actual Customers, we cannot guarantee that your order will match the shortest, average, or maximum time due to possible deviations in the data. Each of our customers is unique, which is why it isn't easy to give a schedule. As long as you follow the above delay completely rule, you can expect fast and convenient transactions.