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The warriors can win games without Curry

NBA 2K22 Date: Jun/15/22 11:40:30 Views: 470

In the just-concluded game of G5 of the NBA Finals, the Warriors defeated the Celtics at home to win, rewriting the big score to 3:2. Although the Celtics successfully restrained Curry in this crucial game, they still lost the game.

Curry's performance in G5
Today Curry played 37 minutes, shot 7 of 22 from the field, 0 of 9 three-pointers, and scored 16 points and eight rebounds. During this fight, Curry spent part of his time on the bench. This is because the Celtics' core tactic in G5 is to block Curry, which makes Curry struggle very much on the court. Facing the critical blockade of the Green Army, Curry's mental and physical strength are very consumed. This directly caused him to miss his shot. Cole used the lineup of Wiggins, Klay, Poole, Green, and Looney, excluding Curry from the team's core.


The warriors can win games without Curry

Key players to win the game
The player who played a significant role in this fight wasn't Curry. It was Wiggins. Wiggins played the team-highest 43 minutes today, scored the highest number of shots on the offensive end, scored 26 points and 13 rebounds, and successfully restrained Tatum on the defensive end, which almost made Tatum lose confidence. Wiggins scored 16 points in the first half, which is the key to the team's ability to widen the difference. The dunk at the critical moment of the fourth quarter directly destroyed the confidence of the Celtics. In today's game, he replaced Curry as the cornerstone of the Warriors' win.

In addition to Wiggins, players such as Klay, Green, and Payton Jr. also contributed to their excellent performance. In the third quarter, the Celtics had the momentum to overtake, but Klay and Poole stood up in time for the team. The score restrained the Celtics' offensive momentum. At the last moment of the fourth quarter, the Warriors' players fully blossomed and scored more points, making the end of the game no longer in suspense.

Green's performance in this game is better than in the past four games, maybe his home is disconnected from the Internet, and there is no way to broadcast. In Game 5, Green added a lot of cuts and fewer stops. It is very effective to limit Brown on the defensive end.

Throughout the game, the Warriors played very hard in the third quarter. The Celtics overtook the points at one point, and Curry was systematically targeted at both ends of the offense and defense, making him make six three-pointers in the first three quarters. 0 for 0, and even self-doubt. In this case, Curry did not give up easily. He began to assist his teammates constantly, and other players on the team also stepped forward to help Curry share the pressure. With the efforts of all the players, the Warriors won the game as expected.

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