Klay Thompson proves his worth on the team with action

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-04-08 02:56:01
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Klay Thompson is a respected player of the Warriors. After two years of recovery from injury, he will officially return in the 2022 season. Many fans hope that Klay can return to his former glory, but judging from the dozens of games after the rematch, Klay The state is precarious and drags down the team's record, which not only makes people question whether the team still needs Klay.

Klay's attitude toward basketball is unquestionably better than Kyrie Irving's as a good player. Still, he has been away from the court for too long, which makes him eager to find his former self on the court; facing the current decline, Klay himself was also very frustrated and once doubted whether he was still needed by the team, until through the game with the Jazz, Klay found his value in the team again.


Klay Thompson proves his worth on the team with action

Why Clay is doing so well
In the game against the Jazz, the Warriors were confused on both ends of the offense and defense without Curry on the field. The Jazz once led the team's score. The coach's tactical adjustment had a significant impact on the game and inspired a more efficient Thompson. That paid off for the Warriors' long-standing trust in him. But the same thing can also prove that the tactics used by the Warriors in the game before are problematic; they not only did not stimulate the players' fighting spirit but also made the team look a little chaotic, which is an unavoidable responsibility of the head coach.

Klay's NBA 2K22 rating has been declining since his return, from 91 to 83 now, which is typical given how long he's been off the court and his leg injuries. Through the game after his comeback, we can see that he is also working hard to adapt himself to the game.

I hope Klay can get back to his best state as soon as possible. There is not much left compared with the rest of the regular season, and the team is about to usher in a more intense playoff.