The return of the defensive core gives Celtics hope

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Time: 2022-05-24 15:59:15
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In the fourth game between the Heat and the Celtics, with the return of the Celtic's defensive core Robert Williams, the Heat played extremely difficult in the game. In the end, the Celtics won at home 102:82 Heat. Although neither side was a complete lineup in the G4 match, the Heat's performance was too different from G3, making the game lose its suspense from the first quarter.

Bad Heat
In addition to Lowry's mistakes initially, Adebayor and Butler's state is also very poor. Considering that Butler is injured, it is understandable that the condition is not good, but Adebayor is compared with the last game. It's just two people. When he met the Celtics' Robert Williams, he completely lost his fighting spirit. Despite Oladipo's complex support for inward and outward shooting, he still couldn't resist the impact of the Celtics. The offensive end could not break through the combination of Robert Williams and Horford, and the defensive end could not effectively intercept the result of Tatum and Robert Williams, coupled with Butler's injury, which directly caused the entire team to be unable to pass and cut efficiently, and could only do their own thing. The battle was defeated by the Celts one by one.

The return of the defensive core gives Celtics hope

Changes since Robert Williams' return
As the defensive core of the Celtics, he missed the previous game due to injury, which made the Celtics, known for their defense, lose a vital puzzle piece and struggled very much in the first few games with the Heat. But Robert Williams returned in Game 4 and swept the Heat in a sort of comeback, giving the team renewed hope for a championship.

Robert Williams' return was clever, just in time for players on both sides to be out injured. He was initially thought to be a tight game because the arrival of Robert Williams became no suspense. Robert Williams and Horford teamed up to form an insurmountable interior barrier for the Heat to guard the rim effectively. At the same time, he teamed up with Tatum to attack the Heat's penalty area. Facing the Heat's Adebayo, Robert Williams felt no threat.

Although the Celtics tied the total score, many problems were still to be solved through the two games. There is instability in the team as a whole. Tatum is the most representative case. His performance directly affects the team's performance. Although his impact makes the Heat challenging to resist, the state of being good and evil is a significant problem. Hazard. In addition, the Celtics have insufficient substitute candidates, and there are no players who can make a smooth transition. All the pressure is on the leading players.

Although the return of Robert Williams has given the Celtics a significant improvement on both ends of the offense and defense, it is still unknown whether they can achieve the final victory. The next game will be played at the home of the Heat. Maybe the Heat have adjusted. The state came up with new tactics against the Celtics.

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