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Can the Heat, without Tucker, stop the Celtic's offense?

NBA 2K22 Date: May/21/22 15:35:38 Views: 101

In the second-round series between the Heat and the Celtics, the Heat lost to the Celtics 102:127 at home, and the two teams are now 1:1 in the series. The injured and retired, making the Heat full of suspense in the next game.

The Heat got off to a perfect start in the first quarter. Tucker scored offensively both inside and outside. Butler and other players could score at their own pace. Without Lowry, Butler has been able to drive other players. Players score points during the game.


Heat mistakes on defense
The ball, so the Heat could not pull the score swiftly. On the defensive end, the Heat did not limit the Celtics' perimeter scoring at the beginning, allowing the opponent's perimeter players to find their shooting touch quickly. In particular, Horford, Brown, and Tatum frequently hit three-pointers.

The game's turning point began in the middle of the first quarter. The Celtics hit nine three-pointers in a row, from a 10-point deficit to an 11-point lead. After the second quarter, the Heat's Tucker and Adebayor made consecutive mistakes. Although Butler stood up to score for the team, the Heat had no other players who could score except Butler, which made Butler play very hard.

The Celtics' Tatum played well in the second quarter. His teammates attacked the Heat's interior to score consecutively so that the point difference in the game was slowly expanding.

Celtics defensive strategy
Since Butler showed his super-scoring ability in the last game, the Celtics strengthened their defense against Butler. Horford, Smart, and Glenway used physical confrontation against Butler, consuming his physical strength. , The other Heat players can score, but they are determined not to let Butler hit the basket. On the other hand, when the Celtics restricted Butler, no other player stepped forward to lead the team to score, so throughout the first half, the Heat had their worst playoff performance this year.

Although Butler played a relatively good performance in the third quarter, his teammates failed to keep up with Butler's footsteps. They only relied on Butler to score alone and could never catch up with the Celtics. The core of the Heat Defensive player Tucker retired due to injury in the third quarter, causing the Heat's defensive line to be entirely open for the Celtics, which made the game enter garbage time ahead of schedule.

Throughout the entire game, the Heat did not have an excellent response to the return of Horford and Smart. Only Butler scored on the offensive end, and the Celtics were beaten to death on the defensive end. Find the corresponding solution as soon as possible, and then the Celtics will quickly be eliminated.

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