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The reason why the Green Army entirely suppressed the Nets' most vital scorer

NBA 2K22 Date: Apr/27/22 17:22:47 Views: 573

In the previous series between the Nets and the Green Army, the Nets were eliminated by the Green Army with a score of 0:4. Facing the Celtics, Durant, the Nets' most vital scorer, was not as good as in the regular season, which made people very confused.

The most difficult players to defend are entirely suppressed
Durant has consistently been recognized as one of the toughest players to guard. He has the perfect combination of size and skill. He has a near-defensive shot, can jump from anyone, get unhindered shot space, and scored from anywhere in half, so his offensive ability is terrifying. However, in the series against the Green Army, Durant's brilliance was covered up by the Green Army, his performance was mediocre in the game, and he was unable to enter his offensive rhythm.

Let's look at Durant's previous game stats: G1 went 9-of-24 from the field and scored 23 points. G2 went 4-of-17 from the area, made 20 of 18 free throws, and scored 27 points. In the first game, he made 24 shots, indicating that he still has the desire to achieve. He made seven fewer shots in the second game, and the hit rate was only 4. Except for the 18 points he scored from the free throw, Durant only scored 9 points in the sports battle. It is no longer as simple as being in a downturn. The defense of the Green Army has played a significant role.


The reason why the Green Army entirely suppressed the Nets

The Green Army's means of suppressing Durant
Since KD is an attacker with various scoring methods, there are few ways to suppress him, but the Green Army just used the two most effective ways. One is to consume KD's physical strength to the greatest extent. The other is that He constantly harassed while dribbling. Due to KD's taller height, he has a higher center of gravity when dribbling the ball. When encountering defensive pressure from smaller players, the action will be prolonged. The Green Army carefully studied KD's dribbling method and found the best interference. Strategy, whenever KD dribbles the ball in front of the body to change direction and is ready to break through, at the moment of starting, the players of the Green Army will quickly shoot and steal the ball.

The Green Army will increase the difficulty of KD catching the ball and improve the physical confrontation as much as possible so that KD needs to consume a lot of physical strength every time he catches the ball. When KD received the ball, the green team did not rush to double-team KD but double-teamed when KD started dribbling the ball. This delayed double-team tactic seriously squeezed KD's dribbling space. When KD wanted to pass the ball out, the Green Army would increase physical confrontation with KD and steal at the moment when KD adjusted. If KD and his teammates are in a pick-and-roll, the green team will also switch defenses against KD.

This is the terrible thing about the Green Army's defense. The Green Army's series of defensive strategies against KD put KD under enormous defensive pressure every time he caught the ball, facing a double team or being surrounded by a group of green-clothed men. It can be seen that the Green Army is in, the When defending KD, did not give him any breathing space, and Irving was also completely suppressed by the Green Army.

How far can this green army with a complete defensive system go in the end? Stay tuned to

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