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How would NBA 2K rate Irving for a 60-point game?

NBA 2K22 Date: Mar/18/22 14:33:19 Views: 643

In the Nets game against the Magic, Kyrie Irving scored 60 points alone to help the team win. With a rating of 91 in NBA 2K22, he is one of the Nets' stars players.

Although the Magic team's ranking is very low in this game, it can't be regarded as worthless. In the previous game against the 76ers, the Magic team extended the game to overtime, although they lost the game in the end, this also proves that the Magic still have some strength. Against such a team, he can also get 60 points, six rebounds, four assists, and four steals, which proves that Kyrie Irving's scoring ability on the court is beyond doubt.

2K22's review of Irving
Although Irving has not been able to play a few times, his form has been maintained very well. Maybe NBA 2K took a fancy to this. On March 16th, Kyrie Irving's dark matter card was released. In this card, Kyrie Irving has an Offense score of 99, and all Shooting attributes are above 95, and of the 19 Shooting Badges owned, there is 12 Hall of Fame badges. This fully reflects the ability of Irving on the offensive end, and no one can match him. But defensively, he's only scoring 79 points because NBA 2K knows him very well, and with Irving on the floor, he's doing one thing most of the time, cutting nonstop.

In the game against the Magic, Irving perfectly demonstrated what the 99-point Offense should be. Facing the Magic's tight defense, Irving showed the audience a lot of incredible goals. That doesn't blame the Magic for not doing enough protection, and it's just that they ran into Irving, who was too good on Offense. Perhaps because of this, NBA 2K will release Irving's Dark Matter card while giving the card the highest offensive stats.

Kyrie Irving's latest dynamic ratings
In NBA 2K22, Kyrie Irving's latest dynamic rating is 91. Given his impressive performance against the Magic, 2K's release of a Dark Matter card is expected, but in the long run, his overall rating should be There won't be much change, probably because he can only play away from home. Therefore, his explosive performance is of little help to the team, especially postseason.

Irving has come to this point directly related to his thoughts from a leading player to a part-time player now. But judging from the state of the game, Irving's daily training should also be very active. Otherwise, it would not be easy to have such a good state on the field. At present, only Durant is left to support the Nets. How long will Irving continue? How far can the Nets go this season? Everything is still unknown.


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