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The new locker code gets Stephen Curry's Galaxy Opal card extended

NBA 2K22 Date: Feb/23/22 10:30:26 Views: 863

2K released the in-game All-Star Pack the other day, containing nine All-Star player cards, each with a unique value, but the deadline is until February 25, and a newly released save Locker codes put this in a new twist.

At the end of the fourth season, 2K22 released a new locker code in the game: 'S4-HUNT-4-GLORY-SUPER-PACKS', enter this code, players will have the opportunity to get Level Up, Flash 5, Signature Series IV, Beasts or NBA All-Star Pack, the deadline is February 29, which inadvertently extends the period of the All-Star Pack by four days, but the premise of all this is that you can win the All-Star Pack, Or buy it in the market for NBA 2K22 MT. If you don't want to spend MT, you can also try entering the code: 'FINAL-MYTEAM-UNLIMITED-GAMEDAY,' which will give you a chance to get the All-Star Deluxe Pack, but it must be used before February 26.


The new locker code gets Stephen Curry

In this All-Star Pack, six players are Galaxy Opal level cards, and the remaining 3 are Pink Diamond cards; these six players are Stephen Curry - 98 OVR - PG/SG, Obi Toppin - 97 OVR - PF/C, Jarrett Allen - 97 OVR - C/PF, Evan Mobley - 97 OVR - PF/C, Darius Garland - 97 OVR - PG/SG, Karl-Anthony Towns - 97 OVR - C/PF.

From the card information above, it is not difficult to see that Stephen Curry has the highest rating. There is a reason why 2K22 gave him such a high rating. Everyone knows that the sharpshooter has declined in the previous game stage and his three-point shooting. The shooting percentage has plummeted. Many people think that Curry has entered a trough, but as a great shooter, Curry did not give up on himself but seriously cooperated with the team to find problems. His efforts were not in vain. In the All-Star Game On, the three-point marksman is back, the three-pointer feeling that he once lost has gradually recovered, and it may be better in the future. This can be reflected in the data given to him by 2K22.

In this Galaxy Opal card, Curry has an Offense score of 99 and a Defense score of 94 and is a great long-range shooter with a staggering 97 and 99 points in his Shot Mid and Shot 3pt, respectively, and is in 19 Shootings. Among the Badges, there is 15 Hall of Fame badges, and all the stats tell us one thing, that great shooter is back.

In the just-concluded All-Star Game, Curry changed his previous slump and staged a series of long-distance shots, making the audience very enjoyable. In this game, Curry broke the All-Star half-court three-pointer made, the number of three-pointers made in a single quarter, the total number of three-pointers made, and many other historical records deservedly won first All-star MVP of his career. After the All-Star Game this time, all players will start preparing for the playoffs, and the real test is coming. Let us expect Stephen Curry to continue to create brilliant.

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