2K22's fourth-season rating surpasses Curry's players

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-01-15 10:31:53
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NBA 2K22 has entered its fourth season, and 2K will fix all the bugs and bring new updates and new season rewards, including player rating updates. Instead of Curry being the top-scoring player in this updated rating, a highly anticipated player surpassed him as the top-rated player in 2K22.

Many players weren't too shocked by this result. It was predicted a long time ago that Giannis should be the highest-rated player, and now 2K is telling everyone through the latest rating that this prediction was correct. Giannis is currently rated at 97 (+1) in 2K22, while Stephen Curry gets some negative adjustments.



The reason why 2K makes such a judgment is based on some basis. The easiest way is to determine it by their performance in the league. Giannis has been very eye-catching on the court for some time, and Curry has been in shape since the new season. There has been a significant decline, and the shooting percentage has dropped from before. The following is a comparison of some of their data in the league.


Giannis 28.5 11.5 6.1 1.0 1.5
Curry 26.4 5.5 6.1 1.4 0.5

From the data comparison above, it can be seen that Giannis' comprehensive data is ahead of Curry, and 2K has reason to believe that Giannis' state will surpass Curry and become the highest rated player in 2K22.

In addition, fans have many theories about the reasons for Curry's decline. Some people think it is because of age, and some believe that Curry has not adapted to the new tactics. Maybe they are all correct, but it needs to be explained that each player has many reasons for this phenomenon, but please believe in Curry, give him some time, and get out of the trouble.

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