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The Heat can defeat the Greens without Tucker's defense

NBA 2K22 Date: May/19/22 10:54:22 Views: 579

In the just-concluded Eastern Conference semifinals, the Heat defeated the Celtics 118:107. In addition to Butler, the most significant contributor to this game is Tucker.

Tucker's role on the field
In this game, Tucker's story begins with Tatum. Although he only rested for 48 hours from afar, the Celtics were in the lead in scoring for a time. Tatum performed very well in the first half, and his teammates continued to create opportunities for him to face small guards in dislocations. The Heat's interior was vulnerable in front of Tatum, allowing him to rush to the rim and score at will, allowing the Celtics to score 42 inside points in only halftime, only two shy of the league's high record. Points; Tucker was injured and left the court at the end of the second quarter. The Heat's performance on the court seemed very embarrassing. Tatum began to score frantically. After Tucker returned in the third quarter, the Celtics' advantage suddenly disappeared.


The Heat can defeat the Greens without Tucker

Tatum attacked Tucker and fell and failed to hit the basket against Tucker. Although it also caused Tucker's foul, compared with the state of hitting all shots in the first half, Tatum's performance in the second half can only be described as sleepwalking. There is the impact of physical fitness and the result of defensive pressure exerted by Tucker. It is precise because Tucker limited Tatum's play that the Heat had the opportunity to surpass the Celtics on the score.

In addition to defense, Tucker also made significant contributions on the offensive end. Although his score is not high, he has assisted Butler in scoring many times. When Butler hit the basket, Tucker blocked the basket and received When the teammates pass the ball, find the most suitable opportunity to give to Butler. Tucker himself only hit two goals in the whole game, but he and Butler cooperate very well. For the team's victory, he can sacrifice his own—ball rights.

In the third quarter, when the Heat went all out to attack, Tucker became the team's defensive core. Tatum not only failed in consecutive singles against Tucker but also made many mistakes. It can be seen that Tatum's mentality has begun to become Unbalanced. The Heat took this opportunity to attack with all their strength and did not give the opponent a chance to storm. Although the score gap narrowed for a while in the fourth quarter, with the cooperation of Tucker and Butler, the Celtics were never able to catch up.

Tucker's value on the court can be reflected through this game. Although his game data is deficient, he has played a vital role. Although his current rating in 2K is a bit low at 78, his rating in NBA 2K23 is sure to rise through his excellent playoff performances.

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