The best core badge combinations for NBA 2K23 S6

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2023-04-12 06:55:04
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NBA 2K23 released Core Badge Patterns in the sixth season, which can be seen as an expansion of Core Badges. Since it allows players to equip those expensive level 2 and level 3 badges for free, players are very concerned about what combination of badges can play for maximum effect.

How to Unlock Core Badges
To quickly unlock the core badge, you first need to activate it. When you start it, there's a level bar showing how far you're from core gear and indicating challenges you need to complete, but the game doesn't say the challenges. After summarizing many experiments by the players, a conclusion is drawn: To complete the challenge, the player must continuously activate the corresponding badge in the game until it is unlocked.

For Blinders, just call for a screen, run to the side, and let the defender hit it, then let them catch up to you and then shoot. It only works sometimes but like 75% of the time.

It should be noted that activation will become more difficult as the progress bar nears completion. Some players have indicated that growth will become more difficult as the progress bar nears completion.

How to properly match core badges for players of different sizes?
Take a hard look at this video, which details how players of different heights and positions can be built to get the most out of the core badge.

Useful model recommendation
1. Some players who like REC think a disorganized core is useful. An unorganized double shot is good for a 7'0 92 three-ball stretch, big dirk build, gold limitless, deadeye, blinders, and catch and shoot.
2. Shooting, playmaking, and two defense would be great for 3&D, which has 37 defense badges.
3. If you are a small PG interested in double attack, try Gold Killer Combos.


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