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NBA 2K23 S6 Shooting Badges Rank and Earnings Unlocked

NBA 2K23 Date: Apr/13/23 16:41:24 Views: 620

In the previous article, nba2k21mt collected some proper jump shot animations in season 6 - A handy new jump shot guide. Today's content will rank and analyze some shooting badges that can help jump shots and find their best The best income level is for players' reference.


2K released the core badge in the S6, if you are very curious about how to use it better, please refer to S6 core badge combinations, the video in the article introduces in detail what kind of construction can get more benefits in the core badge .


Shooting Badge Ranking

Broken Agent 3 Limitless Range    
Top Tier Blinders Clutch Shooter Claymore Deadeye
Green Machine Space Creator    
Usable Comeback Kid Guard Up Middy Magician Slippery Off Ball
Dont Use Amped Corner Specialist    


Shooting Badge Unlocks and Earnings

Agent 3

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 0 - 68 83 89 96



If you have enough points, please upgrade it to HoF. To get Tier 3, the height must be less than 6'8.


Limitless Range

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 74 85 92 99



It is tough to increase the Three-Point Shot to 99. From the icon data, Gold is the most cost-effective level. In addition, this badge has no height limit.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 70 80 89 97
Mid-Range Shot 0 - 65 77 84 94



The Three-Point Shot at 97 is a huge investment. The best tier for value is Gold, and to get Tier 3, you can't be taller than 6'10.


Clutch Shooter

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 0 59 69 79
Mid-Range Shot 0 59 69 79



I tested with players and found that the clutch shooter has a horrendous percentage boost to your jump shot at all levels, an easy badge to hit HoF.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 0 - 55 69 76 86



From the test data, the best cost performance is Bronze, but if you unlock Gold Agent 3, you can easily reach HoF.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 0 - 71 82 91 99



The most cost-effective level of this badge is Gold. Compared with Blinders, their price is higher. If you want to save money, Blinders can meet your needs.


Green Machine

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 0 - 60 73 82 91
Mid-Range Shot 0 - 60 71 80 90



Gold Green Machine is enough to use, but if you have enough points, you can upgrade to HoF.


Space Creator

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 0 - 53 65 74 83
Mid-Range Shot 0 - 52 64 73 80



HoF Space Creator is well worth it and works best with Gold or HoF Green Machine in the game.


Comeback Kid

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 0 50 60 70
Mid-Range Shot 0 58 68 78



This badge is easy to get HoF, and the boost to jump shot is obvious when activated, but it must be activated when you are behind by 8 or more points. This badge can be skipped if you equip other better jump shots to boost badges.


Guard Up

This badge does not apply to normal play. It can only be activated when the defender fails to defend properly, which is very difficult in the game.


Middy Magician

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Mid-Range Shot 0 64 73 81



This badge only improves the mid-range jump shot. If you like long-range shots, please skip it.


Slippery Off Ball

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 0 50 60 70
Mid-Range Shot 0 50 60 70



You can only activate this badge when you are running without the ball, it will give you some extra speed, and from the test results, the effect of Bronze is enough. For primary ball handlers, the badge just doesn't fit.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 0 - 70 75 82 90
Mid-Range Shot 0 - 59 70 78 85



The most cost-effective level of this badge is Bronze, but it is not recommended in the game. When the system prompts that the badge is activated, your stamina is little left. Although the badge eliminates the shooting penalty, the reduction in shooting speed cannot be avoided.


Corner Specialist

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Three-Point Shot 0 - 60 69 79 89



It can be seen from the test data that the most cost-effective level is Bronze, but this badge is not recommended. The impact of any level of this badge is minimal, and you can invest limited resources in other better badges.


Get a plan that maximizes your benefits by analyzing the badges in the above list, let your Three-Point Shot reach 92, and you will be able to unlock:

Gold Agent 3 Gold Limitless Range Gold Blinders Gold Deadeye
HoF Clutch HoF Claymore HoF Green Machine HoF Space Creator
HoF Comeback Kid HoF Slippery Off Ball HoF Amped HoF Corner Specialist

Not all of these badges apply to all players. Players must also make a suitable match according to their game style and habits when choosing badges.

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