Kuminga's growth will change his place with the Warriors and NAB 2K

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-03-28 15:07:34
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Kuminga is a Congolese professional basketball player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. He now has a K rating of 79 and plays both small forward and power forward positions in the team. Due to his excellent physical condition and learning ability, he is listed as a player who needs to be focused on training by the Warriors.

Kuminga's potential is enormous, the ceiling is high, and if he can fully stimulate his potential, he will be able to reach the heights of Jordan or James. The learning ability is also excellent. His previous rating in NBA 2K was still 74 points. Through continuous learning and a positive attitude in the game, his 2K rating has risen to 79, and his three-point shooting percentage this season has reached 35%-38%.

Advantages of Kuminga
1. Good physical talent, able to withstand fierce competition.
2. Strong learning ability, making their technology more comprehensive through continuous learning.
3. A solid spiritual core, never admit defeat in the face of external doubts, and respond to them by constantly improving themselves.

Every player in the NBA has strengths and weaknesses, but not all players can maintain a good mentality and improve themselves when questioned. But Kuminga can do it. When people start to question his technical shortcomings, he seems to be able to hear people's hearts and improve himself in a short period. That's why he's still able to remain competitive among so many stars. Kuminga isn't willing to be a fringe player; he's eager to show himself in the starting lineup.



Kuminga's current ranking
In NBA 2K, Kuminga's current rating is 79 points, and in the NBA league, he is already ranked around 50-70 players in the league. If not, no one will discuss Viking, which is more powerful, s or cuminga.

Although Kuminga has not played much time in general in recent games, his performance on the court has been very positive. Because the Warriors' inside line is fragile, he has to put out fires often everywhere and can effectively prevent the opponent's attack. Help defender; there are not many hard-working defenders like him.

Due to his muscular body and excellent running and jumping, Kuminga can also rank in the top 50 of the league in terms of offense. Although many techniques still need to be improved, the ability to make free throws is still powerful so that the overall efficiency can be ranked above the league average. The weaker team can play the main attacker.

Urgent problems for Kuminga
The shooting ability is currently Kuminga's shortcoming. It can only be ranked around 200 in the league. Such a ranking is already very low for the Warriors with a high shooting level. Part of the problem with shooting at this stage is the lack of muscle memory. Steady, the projection action is prone to deformation in the fierce confrontation, resulting in a failed shot.

Passing ability is also an ability he urgently needs to improve. His passing accuracy and precision in the game are not enough, and his ranking in the league is relatively low.

If Kuminga can maintain this upward momentum, he will improve his rating in NBA 2K and very likely join Jordan Poole as the successor to the Splash Brothers (Curry and Klay). After all, he is only 20 years old now, and there are infinite possibilities in the future.

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