Klay Thompson improves his NBA 2K rating in the final moments

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-04-14 10:03:32
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With the end of the NBA regular season, NBA 2K has updated the corresponding scores according to the players' performance during the season. Among them, Klay Thompson is one of the delighted fans. After a period of low, Klay's score in 2K is once again. Back to 90 OVR.

When Klay first came back this season, he left the NBA for too long or left some sequelae due to a leg injury, which made his performance on the court very bad. Except for the first few games, the rest of the big Part of the game has always made people feel that he can't fit into the team, making too many ineffective ball-handling attacks on the offensive end. Because of physical reasons, he can't defend the opponent's first-line players on the defensive end. This directly led to the Warriors losing several games in a row, which made fans and the media dissatisfied with Klay and the coach.


Klay Thompson improves his NBA 2K rating in the final moments

People are always forgetful, whether it's credit or fault. People forget Klay's previous contribution to the Warriors and only see Klay in an idle state and use a magnifying glass to magnify these infinitely. Some fans even suggested that the coach put Klay on the bench or trade him outright. But have they ever wondered how a coach would put a max-paid player on the court? This is an insult to an All-Star player. Klay was also an excellent three-point shooter before his injury, and putting him on the bench will cause irreparable psychological damage to the player.

In the face of Klay's idle state, there are only two choices left to the coach, either give up on him or use the team's performance to continue to practice for Klay. This is a gamble, no one knows what the final result will be, but fortunately, the coach won the bet. After more than 20 regular-season games, Klay regained his form on the court and became more trustworthy. Teammates, more time, Klay is willing to interact with teammates tactically and no longer prefers to hold the ball unreasonably by himself as before, which allows him to find his best position on the court after a two-year break.

In the last few regular-season games, Klay did most of his running off the ball and shooting open shots. With Curry resting due to injury, Green is on the court to drive his teammates to pass, cut, and cooperate. Klay is more suitable to be a pure shooter, which allows him to exert the most excellent lethality, fill in the scoring points when Curry is absent, and even create a personal scoring record this season. This state is what the team and Klay hope to see. The Warriors used their patience to finally wait for a good shooter to wake up, making the team in the subsequent playoffs. There is more room for tactical placement.

The Warriors' most significant problem is the paint, and Klay's return to form won't fix that. It's all unknown how far Klay and the Warriors can go in the competitive playoffs.

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