How long will Andrew Wiggins' 2K22 score remain?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-03-05 09:19:02
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NBA player Andrew Wiggins' latest rating in NBA 2K22 is 85. At the end of last month, 2K22 also released an 85-point player card about him. In this player card, his Shot IQ is 95 points, but from his Judging from the state of the game recently, this evaluation is a bit high.

After losing to TIMBERWOLVES, the Warriors lost again to MAVERICKS in the latest game, the second consecutive loss to MAVERICKS. Curry was asked about Wiggins in the post-game press conference. Although the verbal expression is very euphemistic, the problem still can't hide the disappointment for him.

What kind of player is Andrew Wiggins?
As the No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft, Wiggins' physical talent is outstanding, his explosiveness is excellent, and his jumping ability is almost unmatched. At the same time, he also has strong confrontation ability and flexibility, allowing him to complete dunks or difficult layups against the big center at the basket. When he is serious about attacking and breaking through, his opponents are often thrown away by Wiggins in the first step. At that time, people had high expectations for him, thinking that he could become a player like LeBron.


How long will Andrew Wiggins

But it is very different from LeBron. Wiggins is a person who does not have much desire to win. In the first season of joining the Warriors, playing ball is more like an ordinary person punching into work and getting off the job. But when he's serious, it's scary. If he's willing to go all out on offense, he'll score at least 28 points per game, but he's also taking care of the defense at the same time, and he can still get the game on a limited 14 shots. Average 19 points, hit rate as high as 50% data. Having such a terrifying ability is also why he gets the highest salary.

But in the Warriors' recent games, Wiggins seems to have returned to his previous work rate, averaging just 13.6 points per game while shooting 40 percent from the field and 35.6 percent from 3-point range. Not as high as a substitute player, as the second core of the team, is entirely unqualified.

Why has the recent performance been so wrong?
1. If Wiggins wants to become a qualified second-core, he must get some tactical arrangements, but the current coach has not given him such treatment. The Warriors' Green, Curry, and Klay Thompson have higher ball-handling priorities than Wiggins, which does not allow Wiggins to maximize their value.

2. In the last few games he lost, Wiggins had single-handed rounds with the ball, but his ability to dribble and control the ball was not good. Wiggins chose to force the shot, but it was very inefficient.

3. Since being named to the All-Star team, Wiggins has changed, thinking that his average of 18 points per game is entirely worthy of the All-Star starting lineup, and then lowered his standards. In subsequent rounds, he can shoot from the mid-range. The ball will never breakthrough and sometimes even leave the team's conduction system. Perhaps the Warriors' previous record and stable data gave him an illusion that maintaining the current level is enough. But now it seems that for a player with an annual salary of 30 million, that is far from enough. The players who were paid less than him played more complex and better than him on the court.

From the last point alone, Wiggins' most significant problem is that he doesn't treat the game actively. Maybe the coach gave him some tactics, but he doesn't want to show himself on the court. When Green and Klay are not there, other players, including Curry, All work very hard, only he doesn't work hard, which is why Curry expressed disappointment with Wiggins in an interview.

If Wiggins continues to play with this casual attitude, NBA 2K will lower his rating in the next update, and not only that, but the Warriors may also send him away; after all, he has a high salary, but he is critical to the team. However, there was no corresponding reward.


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