Can Jokic lead the Nuggets to a turnaround?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-04-22 09:04:07
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The NBA league has entered the playoffs, and the Nuggets have lost all three games against the Warriors. Some people may think that the Nuggets will win in the later games. Still, the Nuggets' mentality has been dramatically affected from the actual game, and it is difficult to reverse the situation in the latest games.

While the Nuggets have comebacks in previous playoffs, the situation is not the same this time around. Compared with the Warriors, the Nuggets' guards lack scoring points. Although the Nuggets have a powerful player like Jokic in the inside line, they cannot face the fierce attacks of the Warriors' three-shot guns at the same time.


Can Jokic lead the Nuggets to a turnaround?

Warriors Advantage
1. Green's state is perfect. Compared with the regular season, his mental outlook and professional attitude have changed significantly. Perhaps only the level of confrontation in the playoffs can make Green play seriously. When defending Jokic, although there is a height gap, through the single defense, organization, and assistance, the reason can always effectively interfere with the opponent. Still, Jokic's mentality is on the verge of collapse and finally being sent off by the referee.

2. Strong scoring ability
Now the Warriors' shooting guard is not only Klay and Curry but also a Poole. When these three are on the court simultaneously, plus Green's pick-and-split ball will make Jokic's defense difficult. Do, missing one would be fatal. Moreover, the Warriors' three-backs will stretch a lot of scoring space. If Jokic shrinks from defending the basket, the Warriors will shoot three-pointers. If Jokic comes to the outer defense, the Warriors will break through the basket and score, which makes Jokic Chi very difficult.

Why can't the Nuggets guard the Warriors' three guards?
1. The Nuggets don't have top perimeter single defense players and help defense players. The best perimeter defender is Gordon, but in the face of fast players like Curry and Poole, they have no advantage, and they can't limit the Warriors' guards at all.

2. The inside defenders can't stand Curry. Even a speedy guard like Curry can score at the basket. It can be seen that except for Jokic, the inside defense of the Nuggets is not hard, and Curry is the whole game. Always there.

3. In addition to Curry, Klay and Poole also performed very well. The scoring efficiency of Curry and Poole when they were on the court at the same time was 159.5. Green's cooperation makes the Nuggets even more unstoppable.

The Nuggets have the insufficient autonomous offensive ability during the game. Jokic has no room for further improvement. Only Forbes and Hyland are left. Although the defense of these two players is relatively poor, they still need to give them more playing time. It's good to get one or two attack points.

In terms of tactics, don't play fast breaks with the Warriors, try to slow down the rhythm, disrupt the Warriors' deployment, and use Jokic as the center to fight with the Warriors to consume the Warriors. Every attack must pass through Jokic. There is a chance to compete with the Warriors, but it is not guaranteed to win. The Nuggets lack Murray and Porter in every step of the playoffs.