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NBA 2K23 Season 7 MyCAREER & MyTEAM Rewards

NBA 2K23 Date: May/18/23 11:18:18 Views: 94

The seventh season of NBA 2K23 will meet with players on Friday. In the new season, there will be new rewards, and players will develop their potential with young star players and continue their dominance on the court.

MyCAREER Rewards
Level 30: Affiliation Mascot
Level 37: NASA Race Suit
Level 39: Badge Points
Level 40: NBA Mascot Outfit

NBA 2K23 Season 7 MyCAREER & MyTEAM Rewards

During the actual NBA Finals, The City will hold some special events. Players wearing NBA costumes to participate in the game will get double XP to help players level up quickly.

MyTEAM Rewards
Level 1: Galaxy Opal Josh Giddey
Level 40: Invincible Zion Williamson

With the progress of the playoffs in reality, 2K will release more invincible player cards this season, most of which can be unlocked normally through the game, and a small number of excellent cards require players to spend 2K23 MT to obtain.

According to the feedback from community players, although some players are strongly interested in the mascots in MyCAREER rewards, most players care more about the Badge Point rewards. The problem of insufficient badges becomes very obvious. When there are major badge differences, many small problems will be infinitely magnified.

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