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Who is the best shooter in the NBA 2K22 Cold-Blooded package?

NBA 2K22 Date: Feb/09/22 17:06:00 Views: 646

2K has released a new pack in the game: Hunt 4 Glory: Cold-Blooded, Locker Code: MYTEAM-H4G-COLD-BLOODED-PACKS. This is a marksman-based pack with different players, but who are the most promising and most popular shooters?

Judging the quality of a player's card is not just based on the card's score. A card with a high score does not necessarily mean playing a considerable role in the team. Sometimes those cards look inconspicuous. Instead, it gives your team great chemistry.

In this release of Hunt 4 Glory: Cold-Blooded, there are some Galaxy Opal and Pink Diamond players, and if you look at the rating data, they are perfect, but what I want to say here is that a Diamond player card is instead The most promising and most popular with players is the Tyler Herro - 93 OVR - Diamond - SG/SF.

Although it looks like an ordinary Diamond card, the Offense has reached a terrifying 97 points, and Shot Mid, and Shot 3pt are both 94 points, which is already very good for a shooter and has 93 points. Free Throw and 95 Offensive Consistency.

In addition, as a Diamond card, it also has a perfect Shooting Badges

It's not too bad compared to the Allan Houston - Galaxy Opal shooting badge; after all, Allan Houston is a Galaxy Opal, and Tyler Herro is just a Diamond, but this already makes the Tyler Herro card extremely valuable.

Everyone knows that Galaxy Opal and Pink Diamond players are more expensive in the auction house, but Diamond players are relatively cheap. You only need to spend less NBA 2K22 MT to get an excellent value for money Tyler Herro - Diamond, this is a fantastic deal.

If you want to get Tyler Herro - Diamond, please go to the auction house as soon as possible. I believe many players can understand its value, and please get it before its price is raised.

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