What changes has 2K made to the gameplay of NBA 2K23?

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-08-09 02:53:01
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Due to the success of NBA 2K22 in sales, many players are also looking forward to the arrival of NBA 2K23. In order to keep the difference with the previous version, 2K official announced some information in advance, leaking some new gameplay, hoping to let players feel the difference of NBA 2K23 in advance.


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What changes has 2K made to the gameplay of NBA 2K23?


More diverse dunk animations

We've all dreamed of slamming to the rim with thunderous effect and hanging on to the basket to stay in the game. This year's NBA 2K23 fulfills that small wish by adding more different types of dunk animations to the game, only five of which will be showcased at the game's official release, with the rest gradually unlocked as the game progresses. 2K did this in response to a diverse group of players in the community who wanted some fresh shot designs from each iteration of NBA 2K. Players will realize these dreams with the Dunk Meter on New Gen. The new layup animations include some of the iconic animations of the 2K23 cover stars.

The 2K development team is also excited about the new basket hanging mechanic, which allows players to get super flashy at the end of a dunk. You might think it's more like celebrating than playing.

To enable smooth layups, 2K has expanded the move crossover option from 15 to 28, greatly improving the ability and range of left and right movement, and will confuse defenders on offense to finish in a different way. Players will receive 3 acceleration packs after each possession, they decrease as the player accelerates. If you want to achieve the best results, you need to calculate the acceleration routes in advance and use them carefully, they will be quickly depleted if you choose to dribble like crazy. This mechanic is for all players, including the star players who cost a lot of 2K23 MT to get.


Unique shooting stats

Unique shooting stats will determine this year's jump shot stats, they include shot speed, shot height, defensive immunity and timing impact. These stats will determine the effectiveness of each jump shooter. In addition to this, there will be five new shooting styles that will appear in the game to choose from. They are located in various locations around the player and fill in to the end. The green light will keep flashing until the ball touches the basket.

Not only has 2K tweaked the shooting stats and made some changes to the shooting system, players will also be able to cripple their opponents' shots with some nuances in 2K23. Checking a defender's anticipation ability through shooting action. Defenders will be rewarded for predicting the ball handler's movement. The chase cap feature has been watered down, and outside flyover situations will not result in as many fouls.


Optimized Badge System

2K has also fully optimized the badge system, with custom players carrying badges that grant players skills in different areas of the game, and a tiered badge system that will allow players to equip lower tier badges before eventually moving on to higher tiers, with the first tier providing the least boost despite the lowest cost. From there, each tier of badges becomes more powerful and expensive. At the same time the R&D team used telemetry data to find the least used badges, and badges that were used less often were combined or removed altogether.

The list of badges that were removed are as follows:

  • Hook Specialist
  • Chef
  • Hot Zone Hunter
  • Lucky #7
  • Set Shooter
  • Sniper
  • Limitless Spot-Up
  • Bullet Passer
  • Downhill
  • Glue Hands
  • Stop & Go
  • Defensive Leader

Notably, Mismatch Expert has moved from the shooting badge to the Playmaking badge, which now helps guards against taller defenders. On top of that, 2K has added some new badges to NBA 2K23, including the Alphabet-inspired Bully badge, which gives you a bulldozer-like edge to crush opponents off the dribble and finish layups.

Another badge that has changed a lot is the Team Takeover, which is now filled with separate sections. When you activate the Power of Teamwork, Team Takeover will automatically activate for your entire squad. These changes are definitely useful for those highly competitive games in Pro-Am and REC.


Enhanced AI

NBA 2K23 has made additional improvements to the AI. The enhanced AI has a stronger offensive game, which forces players to be on high alert on defense because the AI already knows how to score on the block. The artificial intelligence system will track players and make random adjustments according to game conditions, which will make players feel a rise in defensive pressure during the game.

These are the new changes that NBA 2K23 will soon bring to players. In order to get ahead in the game, players are advised to stock up enough NBA 2K MT in their accounts at the beginning of the game.