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What are the contents of the roof court in the third season?

NBA 2K22 Date: Dec/07/21 14:03:25 Views: 413

The third season of NBA 2K22 has been launched. In MyCareer mode, 2K provides a new way to play for PS5 and XBOX S players, allowing players to compete on the rooftop court.

This new model is the City Slam mode, where MyCareer players can play street basketball games on the roof. It is a unique experience for those who wish to exchange rewards by participating in team competitions.


What are the contents of the roof court in the third season?

Rooftop Stadium - Urban Grand Slam Mode
As part of the new content of NBA 2K22 Season 3: Iced Out, 2K added the City Slam mode, which introduced the Meet the Hoopers mission line.

According to the affiliation of each city, players can participate in five different single-player rooftop park games to unlock better AI teammates, each of which has its player rating and prototype.

Once the player completes all 25 league challenges and defeats all street basketball players, the player can compete with elite players in the final City Grand Slam Championship.

Here, players will compete with increasingly difficult players in various challenges in exchange for higher-level rewards, including the championship belt for winning the entire game.

In addition, the new model is not precisely the park matching system provided by The Old Gym and Pro-Am 3v3 models, but a very reliable supplement that utilizes the previously vacant rooftop stadium.

This should also be an excellent feature for those who want to test and polish their players or accumulate MVP points for Penthouse.

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