Warriors' most overlooked player

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Time: 2022-06-08 02:51:52
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As the Warriors won Game 2 of the Finals, the Warriors' star players were enthusiastically praised, but one player was most easily overlooked. He is Otto Porter. He was unknown on the court, but the team's contribution value was only lower than Curry's.



Otto Porter's contribution to the field
Otto Porter spent most of the time on the bench, and although he didn't play a lot, he contributed a lot to the team. But whenever he's in the rotation, he's always been excellent. In 23 minutes off the bench, he scored 4 of 5 three-pointers, 12 points, four rebounds, and two steals. If you start from the playoffs, he has played a total of 269 minutes in 14 games, with a player plus-minus of +91, the most efficient player other than Curry. This is his data in the first round of the finals.

In addition to shooting, Porter has used other ways to prove his worth on the court. He used his excellent physical talent to fight against his opponents in the mid-finals with the Celtics. His solid defense and lateral assist defense caused a lot of damage to the Celtics' double third overall. Troubled, rebounding, and providing energy for the team these tasks Porter is also very good at.

Otto Porter is the most efficient scorer with the fewest shots on offense. Porter averaged only 3.3 points per game in this year's playoffs, but his plus-minus plus-minus was +6.6, the second-highest on the team, making him the essential member of the Warriors' bench.

Aside from Wiggins, Porter is the most physically gifted player. They can play a significant role on the defensive end and help Curry share a lot of pressure on the offensive end. Although playing time in the Warriors is not much, it also reduces the risk of injury and allows Porter to get enough rest. Under the team concept that everyone has the ball to play, this will allow Porter to meet the game in a better state.

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