Those talents in Doncic that cannot be reflected in the data

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Time: 2022-05-27 06:46:28
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Although he failed to defeat the Warriors in the NBA Western Conference finals, it did not affect Doncic's excellent performance in the game. Doncic, who has been in the NBA for four years, has been selected for the first team of the year for the third time. The last fourth-year player with such achievements was Tim Duncan. He is a superstar of this era, although he is not good at bounce and explosiveness. Not great, but Doncic has a talent that the stats can't reflect that has made him what he is today.

Invisible talent in Doncic
Unlike superstars such as LeBron, Doncic's talent was a little mediocre initially. Still, through continuous polishing, Doncic has acquired an essential ability and excellent ability to analyze the game's situation. When surrounded on the court, he can always pass the ball to the most unexpected person through careful observation and a cool head, which will surprise the opponent's defender, thus forming a defensive loophole. Complete the field goal. Not only that, Doncic's shot speed is very fast when transferring the ball in a wide range. Usually, the ball is passed out before the defender can react, and his teammates can shoot as much as possible without any interference. Increase shooting percentage.


Those talents in Doncic that cannot be reflected in the data

If you want to be an excellent playmaker, your field vision and passing can be improved through continuous training, but you're going to find scoring opportunities instantly. You can deliver the ball immediately, and you can't practice such a talent. Like LeBron's vision and memory, Curry and Bird's hand-eye coordination, these are innate, and no amount of training can reach their heights. This makes Doncic's every pass so magical. No matter how secretive his teammate's position or challenging the opponent's defense is, he can always find a suitable gap in the packed crowd and throw the ball. Spread out.

Of course, Doncic's talent is not just passing. He also has many different things, such as his on-the-spot reaction on the court, his ability to understand tactics, etc. These are all part of Doncic's talent. He understands that his static talent is not enough, so he learns to play with his brain, which shows that a high IQ is also a talent.

In addition to ball intelligence, Doncic's deceleration ability is also excellent. According to the professional evaluation of the NBA league, his ability exceeds 93% of the league's players. Doncic's running and jumping skills are not very good, but this ability allows him to break the car after increasing the speed subtly. With this, Doncic can use his own pace and technology to make a breakthrough with the ball. Come up with more options to break through, then finish off in unimaginable ways.

Passing the ball greatly enhances the offensive threat. This deceleration ability requires a very high level of control over himself. Combined with the balance ability of the body, it can form a unique sense of rhythm, allowing him to change in the moment of pick-and-roll, emergency stop, step-back, or breakthrough. Doncic doesn't seem very fast, but his passing can always fool everyone.

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