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The trial version of NBA 2K21 will be released soon, updated with those new features!

NBA 2K21 Date: Aug/30/20 20:37:42 Views: 284

The first trial version of this generation of NBA 2K21 was released on the PS4 / Xbox One / NS platform on August 24. This demo version allows players to experience the latest innovative games. Whether it is the great innovation of professional joysticks or the redesigned shooting system, NBA 2K21 has undergone many new upgrades and changes, bringing the game series to a new level. NBA2K21MT Jesing also waited to release the demo version with his friends for the first time, showing you the excellent content of NBA2K21!

The trial version of NBA 2K21 will be released soon, updated with those new features!

NBA2K21MT Jesing has been stable for six consecutive years from NBA2K16 to this year's NBA2K21. Whenever the NBA2K game series is released, he will share the game experience with us as soon as possible and win many partners' praise.

This time, Jesing stayed up all night, as always, waiting for the audience to watch the 8.24 anniversary of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, and missed the wonderful moment of superstar Kobe's legend! Although we will never see his brave performance on the court again, we hope that through the most realistic basketball game in 2K, we can restore the legendary superstar and mourn Kobe's unparalleled basketball skills, strong will, and tenacious "Mamba" spirit!

With the release of the trial version of the game, the anchor Jesing allowed us to appreciate the four main functions of the NBA2K21 game. It can be said that it is full of sincerity in-game details and player control experience, and has made unprecedented attempts and breakthroughs.

1. The new shooting method of the expert joystick: change the operation method of the expert joystick, press down and hold RS = jump shot; push left or right and have RS = get rid of dribbling action; lift and carry RS = iconic Dribble action; click RS = fast one-to-one dribble action; hold sprint while tapping RS = fast rhythm to change the dribbling story. These control players only need 1-2 games to fully adapt, and use skilled operations to knock down defenders and breakthrough! The action response is more precise than before, and it is easier to operate continuously, thereby further enhancing the game control experience.

2. The new signature moves are refreshing: the new signature moves are unlocked one by one, such as Harden’s leg dribble, the latest version of Kobe dance, the typical layup action of small cards, Durant’s signature c dribble and Other unique stars. The Player's signature action, waiting for the player to explore and discover.

3. Enhanced defensive professionalism: The presence of inside players has been dramatically enhanced, the accuracy of blocking shots has also been significantly improved, and the possibility of being blocked has also been greatly improved. That is, internal control and coverage have been raised to a new level. If you want to break through the inner basket easily, the high probability will end with eating "hot pot."

4. Upgrade and construction of the badge system: According to the previous generation of game experience, collect the badge data of many players' equipment, such as popularity, coldness, collection value, and other information, and redesign and adjust the badge system so that players can find more useful The badge to give full play to the role of the badge.

Finally, with such a wonderful experience of the NBA2K21 demo version, do you still want to experience it? Then you must pay attention to NBA2K21MT Jesing. When the official version of the NBA2K21 game is released in September, the follow-up anchor will bring more exciting game content, which is worth looking forward to!

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