The most valuable player in NBA 2K22 New Year is Resolution Pack

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-01-04 10:58:30
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With the release of the NBA 2K22 New Year's Resolution Pack, MyTeam players will have the opportunity to obtain a new Galaxy Opal player card. Continuously improving the team's lineup is critical to maintaining competitiveness, and the players in the package will help the section.

2K's newly released New Year's Resolution Pack contains 2 Galaxy Opal player cards and some pink diamond players to choose from. All of these cards are EVO cards. Diamonds and below can increase the gem level by EVO. PD and get new badges. And ratings.

The best player in the New Year gift package
Luka Doncic - SG/SF - Galaxy Opal - 97 OVR

Zion Williamson - PF/C - Galaxy Opal - 97 OVR

Dwyane Wade - SG/PG - Pink Diamond - 95 OVR

Shaquille O'Neal - C - Pink Diamond - 95 OVR

In the package released this time, players can continue to upgrade, and diamond players can be upgraded to pink diamonds, which means they have huge potential and value. It is precisely because these players have enough room for improvement to become the most popular. The package is also more expensive. The player prices in the auction house are not low. If you want to get them, please prepare enough NBA 2K22 MT.

Some player auction prices
Luka Doncic-SG/SF-Galaxy Opal-97 OVR-300K MT
Zion Williamson-PF/C-Galaxy Opal-97 OVR-175K MT
Dwyane Wade-SG/PG-Pink Diamond-95 OVR-115K MT
Shaquille O'Neal-C-Pink Diamond-95 OVR-100K MT

If a particular player is not suitable for your team, you can send them to the auction at any time and earn some MT.

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