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The last game of NBA 2K22 Season 3 starts tomorrow

NBA 2K22 Date: Jan/07/22 11:02:27 Views: 204

The third season of NBA 2K22 is coming to an end. Tomorrow will be the last limited game before the third season. The Iced Out Week 6 event will give players a chance to get some additional rewards.

Week 6 limited warm-up match
Everyone needs to be given out as the final reward. Some players forget to participate in the little warm-up before the official limited event, but this week's prize is 86 OVR Sapphire Kendall Gill. You can also get a pretty good XP boost by completing challenges.

We also learned about the NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Limited Event lineup restrictions, which provides you with an excellent opportunity to practice your lineup before the S3 Limited Event is ready to start.

This week’s event may be a new challenge for players. Galaxy Opals player lessons cannot be used, and most player cards must be Sapphire or lower. After completing the game and winning, you will get an excellent sapphire card in Kendall Gill.

Lineup restrictions for the sixth week
You can use up to 2 Pink Diamond players
You can use up to 2 Amethyst Players
All remaining cards must be sapphire or lower.

The warm-up challenge will expire on January 9, 2022. The expiration date coincides with the end time of the NBA 2K22 MyTEAM limited event.

Iced Out Limited Event Prizes
25 NBA 2K22 MT
Diamond shoe lift
Diamond contract
Hall of Fame Badge Pack
Pink Diamond Dan Majerle (96 OVR)

News & Guides
The Intimidator badge is enhanced in NBA 2K22

In the last update of NBA 2K22, the attributes of the badges were adjusted. One of the badges that received the larger ones was the Intimidator badge, which is needed by the team's central power forwards and centers.

Warriors struggle to win Game 4 against Grizzlies

The fourth game between the Warriors and the Grizzlies is an uphill battle. The Warriors' head coach cannot be present to trigger an NBA health protocol. Grizzlies scorer Morant missed the game with a knee injury. Special was absent, but the Warriors did not have an advantage.

NBA 2K22 releases new stadiums and packs for the new season

In April, NBA 2K is introducing a brand new underwater court to the game that brings new rewards and will also debut a few days before the Flash Rounds tournament. That's not enough. 2 K has also released a new Metamorphosis bundle in the game, featuring three Galaxy Opal players, two Pink Diamonds, and an incredible DM Zion Williamson.

Can the Heat, without Tucker, stop the Celtic's offense?

In the second-round series between the Heat and the Celtics, the Heat lost to the Celtics 102:127 at home, and the two teams are now 1:1 in the series. The injured and retired, making the Heat full of suspense in the next game.

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