The Intimidator badge is enhanced in NBA 2K22

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2021-12-09 09:39:19
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In the last update of NBA 2K22, the attributes of the badges were adjusted. One of the badges that received the larger ones was the Intimidator badge, which is needed by the team's central power forwards and centers.

The latest change makes the Intimidator badge unstoppable, and it can take your big players to a new level. Allows the formidable big man to cover more areas, increases the player's Block, Lateral Quickness, Interior Defense, and Perimeter Defense attributes. If you want to be an excellent inside defender, this badge must be equipped.


The Intimidator badge is enhanced in NBA 2K22

After the game update, the system has adjusted the intimidator badge, making it applicable to all jump shots except dunks and layups. If you have equipped it, you can immediately use its talent to counter the opponent's jumper. It can not only reduce the shooting success rate of offensive players but also improve your shooting defense level when tightly defending.

If you are a defensive player, it will be easier for you to become the dominant force. Whether opponents shoot from the outside, mid-range, or inside, they will be punished for shooting. To get the best use effect, this badge can be used in conjunction with Clamps Badge, Pick Dodger Badge, and Rim Protector Badge.

To best use this badge, you also need to understand your opponent, study the opponent's offensive tendencies, and the shooting position on the court. At the same time, you also need to understand the opponent's strengths or weaknesses on the offensive end so that you can quickly adapt to the game on the court.