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The Greatest NBA Photos of the History

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NBA 2K21 will join the Xbox Game Pass lineup on March 4th. Among the streaming services or free games provided by one of the consoles, it is a rare off-season appearance of current sports video games. Usually, during a sports league, the best result a player can get for free is the previous year's game. Publishers typically have to wait until after the playoffs to offer sports games on Game Pass or PlayStation Plus. Below, please see The Greatest NBA Photos of the History shared by NBA2K21MT. Let us return to those exciting moments.


Lorenzo Charles and Jim Valvano

April 4, 1983, Albuquerque | Lorenzo Charles and North Carolina State University coach Jim Valvano join others in celebrating Wolfpack at the NCAA Beat Houston in the championship game.

Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain

April 5, 1968, | Two NBA giants, Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics, eliminated Wilt Chamberlain of the 76ers in a game in Philadelphia.

Michael Jordan

February 6, 1988, All-Star Weekend | Jordan (Air Jordan) took off from the free-throw line and soared to 50 points, defeating Dominique Wilkins in the final of the Slam Dunk Contest. This is the Bulls superstar's second consecutive championship. Due to the duel between Jordan and Wilkins, the '88 game is considered the best.

Julius Erving

January 1977 | Philadelphia 76ers forward Julius Erving was fully expanded in a one-handed dunk with the Denver Nuggets.

John Havlicek and Chet Walker

The Greatest NBA Photos of the History

Eastern Conference Finals, April 15, 1965, | Boston Celtics guard John Havlicek led 110-109 and stole the ball from the Philadelphia 76ers' goal to secure the Celtics victory. The Celtics will enter the Finals, where they will defeat the Lakers in five games.

Bob Cousy

On November 19, 1955, the Celtics Pistons | Boston Celtics point guard Bob Cousy was led by two Fort Wayne Pistons guards in a 1955 game. Cousy's unorthodox style (with dribbling and ignoring passing behind it) contrasted sharply with other leagues at the time, dominated by a more basic type of play.

Dennis Rodman

Pacers, Bulls, March 7, 1997, | Chicago Bulls power forward Dennis Rodman turned out to play against the Pacers at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, Rodman in the 1996-97 season Won his sixth rebounding championship, averaging 16.1 rebounds per game.

Lew Alcindor

April 1, 1968, Fourth Final | When UCLA beat Houston 101-69 in the national semifinals, Lew Alcindor showed his trademark talent. Houston was called the "War of the Century" in January. He defeated the University of California, Los Angeles, but Lou Alcindo and Bruin got the last laughs on their way to the seventh national championship.

Earvin Magic Johnson and Larry Bird

Salt Lake City, March 26, 1979, | Future NBA Hall of Famers Earvin Johnson and Larry Bird tried to win the championship between Michigan State University and Indiana State University in 1979. Find out some things in the battle.

North Carolina and Michigan

November 11, 2011, San Diego | North Carolina and Michigan State University kicked off the 2011 college basketball season on the Carl Vinson off the coast of San Diego. The asphalt high heels won 67-55.

Casey Sanders and Julius Pipers

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, March 4, 2001, | Casey Sanders (20) of Duke University tries to stop Julius Pay from North Carolina at the Dean E. Smith Center Perth (Julius Peppers). The No. 2 Duke defeated the No. 4 of North Carolina State 95-81.

Paul Gasol

The Celtics at the Lakers, Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals | Pau Gasol celebrates in front of the home audience the unforgettable seventh game of the Lakers, beating their longtime opponent.

Gordon Hayward

The 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Duke and Butler | trailing 61-59 in the final seconds of the championship game, Butler star Gordon Hayward (Gordon Hayward) has a chance to win all the victories by turning over at halftime. With a shot hitting the rebound and rattling from the rim, Duke won his fourth title.

Magic Johnson

October 22, 1991, the Lakers vs. Celtics | In the preseason, Lakers point guard Magic Johnson put aside Celtics forward Ed Pinckney (Ed Pinckney) ) Restricted area. About two weeks later, Johnson announced that he was HIV positive and would quit basketball.

Michael Jordan

The Bulls were selected to the Jazz in the 6th NBA Finals in 1998 | Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) winning the buzzer-beater may be the most memorable shot of his legendary career. Jordan retired after six months but returned to the NBA in 2001 with the Washington Wizards.

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