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Should 2K increase the difficulty of challenges in MyTEAM?

NBA 2K22 Date: Jan/21/22 10:56:03 Views: 743

Challenges in MyTEAM are even more accustomed to players. Most players have a strong team in their hands. It is not difficult to complete the challenge. Even beginners can meet the challenge with the available players and gift packs. But because of this, players have gradually lost interest in the challenge, and everyone needs more difficult challenges.

Should the NBA 2K22 Challenge be harder?
Players hope to get more XP through challenges in the game, but the current challenges are not too difficult for players, and there are not many corresponding rewards. Based on this, we question whether the challenge is not. It should be more challenging.


Should 2K increase the difficulty of challenges in MyTEAM?

Usually, the difficulty of the challenge does not pose much threat to players. We can understand 2K's approach, which can take care of most players and allow everyone to get rewards, but 2K ignores the feelings of some players. Challenges are no longer enough when abilities get more rewards.

If all the challenges are relatively simple, it will gradually make players lose interest in the challenge. A more reasonable approach should be to set rewards of different difficulty levels and let those players who need them work hard to improve their continuous progress, which can meet the needs of all players. Doing so can also continuously update MyTEAM rewards, limited to gift packs or badges, and add some VC or NBA 2K22 MT rewards.

If you don't care how many rewards you can get for the challenge, don't wait for 2K to make a change, you can change it yourself now. Just use low-level players in the challenge to do this; you'll be playing against some diamond, pink diamond, or higher level players, which makes the challenge a lot more complicated. If you like to enjoy it, Then it suits your appetite.

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