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Please get Hoopsmas rewards as soon as possible before the event ends

NBA 2K22 Date: Dec/31/21 10:38:30 Views: 238

If you have been participating in Hoopsmas promotions during the holidays, you may be redeeming Hoopsmas gift packs every day. However, some players do not know what the gift card can do or how to use the gift card to get the most valuable reward.

Hoopsmas is all about collecting current event cards and exchanging them for other rewards. If you get consumables, you can combine three of them into a Present Event Card once a day. But the critical question is, where should these cards be used?


Please get Hoopsmas rewards as soon as possible before the event ends

To clarify this problem, you must first determine which items the gift card can redeem. According to the rules of the event, a gift card can be redeemed for Diamond Consumable, Signature Series III Pack, Series 1 Pack, and 50 Tokens. Among these gifts, You need to determine the most valuable contribution for you.

Each of these rewards has a place in MyTEAM, but some prizes are far less valuable than others. Players should avoid wasting a card exchange opportunity.

The best option to use the Present Event Card is the free Signature Series III package, which contains three pink diamond players: Kobe Bryant-Pink Diamond-96 OVR-SG/SF, Magic Johnson-Pink Diamond-95 OVR- PG/SG, and Steve Nash-Pink Diamond-95 OVR-PG/SG.

These three pink diamond players are a great help to the team, but you can send the extra players to the auction house in exchange for NBA 2K22 MT if you already have them.

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The warriors can win games without Curry

In the just-concluded game of G5 of the NBA Finals, the Warriors defeated the Celtics at home to win, rewriting the big score to 3:2. Although the Celtics successfully restrained Curry in this crucial game, they still lost the game.

Kyle Kuzma will be a shining star in the future

KYLE KUZMA has outscored RUSSELL WESTBROOK in 2K22, KYLE KUZMA is now 82 OVR, and RUSSELL WESTBROOK is 81 OVR. Thanks to his recent excellent performance in the league, the young player seems to have gained new life after leaving the Lakers.

NBA 2K22 released the first NBA 75 Pack in the third season

There are many otherworldly talents in the history of the NBA. They have had an inevitable court dominance in the past 75 years. Since entering the third season, 2K has released the first NBA 75 Pack. Check the locker code on the homepage of NBA2K21MT.COM. , There is a chance to get it.

Klay Thompson proves his worth on the team with action

Klay Thompson is a respected player of the Warriors. After two years of recovery from injury, he will officially return in the 2022 season. Many fans hope that Klay can return to his former glory, but judging from the dozens of games after the rematch, Klay The state is precarious and drags down the team's record, which not only makes people question whether the team still needs Klay.

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