NBA 2K23 Badge: What grade of Work Horse works best?

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2023-04-25 03:32:10
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Work Horse is one of the Defense Badges in NBA 2K23. It is essential for players who like parks or RECs, but what level of Work Horse works best depends on the results of the next test.

Work Horse Level Changes

The above chart shows that as the badge level increases, the time it takes to get loose balls decreases. From NO Badge to HOF, the time consumed decreases linearly, and there is no obvious difference node, which means that in theory, the Work Horse level is raised to HoF is the best effect.

Comparison of different grades of Work Horse

From the comparison chart above, it can be clearly seen that at the same time, it took 1.6 seconds for HOF to get the ball. At this time, NO Badge is still far from the ball.

Work Horse Grade Recommendations
People usually like to use it on bronze. If ur a defender with a high steal or going against a defender with a high steal, it's good to have the badge on gold. If you have points left, please upgrade it to HoF. Gold /HoF Work Horse. It pops when pressing the inbound pass and also when using hands-on defense. This is very useful for big REC players. It can help you get better possession of the ball.

Try combining a Bronze Work Horse with a Silver Vice Grip if you're running low on points. Vice Grip Increases a player's ability to secure the ball against steal attempts after obtaining possession from a rebound, catch, or loose ball.

Work Horse's Role in Offense
This badge also helps in the attack for those who don't have much ball handle. You suffer the steal but recover before the defender reaches the ball.

Work Horse's help in rebounding
The Work Horse does not directly help with rebounding. When the ball bounces off the rim and bounces in the air, the Work Horse does nothing, it does not enhance the player's jumping ability, but if the ball hits the floor, it has an indirect effect and can help players quickly track. If you are a big player, use it with the HoF Rebound Chaser, which will allow you to grab more rebounds in REC games.

Badge level unlock
Work Horse

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Perimeter Defense 0 - 47 55 76 86

Rebound Chaser

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Offensive Rebound 0 - 70 85 93 99
Defensive Rebound 0 - 70 85 93 99

Vice Grip

Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Ball Handle 0 - 50 60 75 90
Post Control 0 - 45 57 77 91

Work Horse Work video
This video details the working method of Work Horse, the level changes, and the role it plays in the park. The time is short. Please watch patiently.


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