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NBA 2K22 updates soundtrack list for newly released Season 6

NBA 2K22 Date: Apr/09/22 14:36:32 Views: 1258

The new season of 2K22 has started. In addition to updating several game modes, 2K also invited talented musicians from different continents to add some new soundtrack songs to the game. They are all provided by Colors Studios, and the musicians are all Coming from some very famous singers. This aligns with Colors Studios' values due to the NBA 2K no-side mentality.

Below is a list of newly added soundtracks. Click the names to listen to them online, and add them to the playlist if you like them.

New songs list

Krisy – Bounce MANIK MC – Muckiest ENNY & Baker Aaron – Nu Normal Jelani Blackman – Hello
La Dame Blanche – Venemo Smino – Rice N Gravy Ojerime – Often Enough  

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