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NBA 2K22's latest VC discounts and new features are coming soon

NBA 2K22 Date: Jan/27/22 11:49:42 Views: 639

Many players want to have Galaxy Opal players on their team. This is a beautiful dream. NBA 2K22 is discounting VC, and now this dream is about to come true. In addition, 2K is about to enable new features in the game, which need players to unlock.

There is currently a 20% discount on in-game purchases of VC, which is excellent news for players looking to buy VC at a lower price, and this sale will last until February 2nd.

NBA 2K22 VC discounts:
5,000 VC = $1.99 $1.59
15,000 VC = $4.99 $3.99
35,000 VC = $9.99 $7.99
75,000 VC = $19.99 $15.99
200,000 VC = $49.99 $39.99
450,000 VC = $99.99 $79.99

You will have more choices for the game's future direction when you have sufficient VC. If you like the MC mode, fine VC points allow you to upgrade the player's attributes and make the player a superstar in a short period. If you like MyTeam mode, VC can get the best player cards to strengthen the team. Of course, in addition to using VC to get player cards in MyTeam mode, you can also use NBA 2K22 MT to get it. Still, the difference is that VC can get Hunt 4 Glory Camouflage Deluxe Edition packs and Beasts Packs, while MT can only get Standard Edition packs. Still, both groups contain Galaxy Opal players, among which the Beasts Packs have 3 GO players. It should be noted that the Beasts Packs are about to expire; players who want to get it should act as soon as possible.

If you want to get the package with the least cost, please use MT. In, 100K NBA 2K22 MT is only $7.59, which is the latest price and much cheaper than the same amount of VC.

Everyone wants to have a fantasy team, and most of the excellent player cards can be obtained at the auction house using MT, but if you have to use VC, please don't miss this opportunity for a discounted sale.

The new trailer for NBA 2K shows a lot of information, the most interesting of which is the Zipline in The City. Players will enter a Zipline that offers most of the area and then pass through it, allowing players to reach the city's Zipline quickly. Critical area, if the player chooses the pitch, the player can soon enter the gate after landing.


NBA 2K22

How to unlock Zipline in-game?
Players must complete the quest 'A Room with a Great View,' after which the in-game attic will unlock the Zipline, which is located north of the large building in the city center, unlike the other two apartments in the game which are located in the city center. After unlocking, there will also be a cutscene announcing ownership of the suite. Before entering Zipline, players must choose a destination.

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Please get Hoopsmas rewards as soon as possible before the event ends

If you have been participating in Hoopsmas promotions during the holidays, you may be redeeming Hoopsmas gift packs every day. However, some players do not know what the gift card can do or how to use the gift card to get the most valuable reward.

NBA 2K22 is about to release new challenges and rewards

2K announced that a new set of challenges would be added to NBA 2K22. Players will compete with all 30 NBA teams and three All-Star teams. After completing the game, there will be corresponding rewards.

NBA 2K22 released the first NBA 75 Pack in the third season

There are many otherworldly talents in the history of the NBA. They have had an inevitable court dominance in the past 75 years. Since entering the third season, 2K has released the first NBA 75 Pack. Check the locker code on the homepage of NBA2K21MT.COM. , There is a chance to get it.

The most valuable player card in NBA 2K22 Flash 4 Pack

NBA 2K22 released the latest locker code; the specific code content can be viewed in NBA2K21MT.COM. Enter this code, and you will get Flash 4 Pack, Playmaker Badge Pack, or 2 Tokens. Among them, there are several perfect player cards in Flash 4 Pack, which can significantly enhance the team's strength.

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