NBA 2K22 released two gift packs

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2021-12-14 15:25:47
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NBA 2K22 released new free Iced Out Packs last week, which means you will have the opportunity to build a stronger team. Only one of these two Packs can be determined, and the other requires luck.

You only need to complete a skill challenge in the game to get a gift pack. This is the only reliable way. This challenge is not difficult, I believe most players can complete it, but when it comes to the challenge, you need to have the best dunk player in your team, plus some skills to complete it. After you dunk three times with a player, the game will end, and you can open the free Iced Out Packs.

The other method is straightforward but contains this uncertainty. Just enter the newly released locker code: "MyTEAM-ICED-OUT-Packs," and you can get a free reward randomly. Whether you can get player rewards depends on your luck. For more locker codes, please log in to

ICED OUT Packs reward players:
Jimmy Butler

Julius Erving - NBA75 Card

Bill Russell - NBA75 Card

Paul Arizin - NBA75 Card

Badge owned by Julius Erving





The best player in this package is Julius Erving. Compared to several other playing cards, he has an excellent shooting badge and is a perfect scorer on the court.