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NBA 2K22 is about to release new challenges and rewards

NBA 2K22 Date: Dec/16/21 11:50:08 Views: 764

2K announced that a new set of challenges would be added to NBA 2K22. Players will compete with all 30 NBA teams and three All-Star teams. After completing the game, there will be corresponding rewards.

Most of the rewards may be NBA 2K22 MT or VC, but you can get new badges or players if you are lucky enough. However, players who complete all series of challenges will receive pink diamond player rewards. Like the previous challenge, you don't need to meet other prerequisite tasks, and you can directly participate in these 33 games.

You can compete against careers, all-stars, or superstars and complete these challenges. Winning the entire mode requires 99 stars. This can only be done by winning in the superstar mode. Although this is difficult, the rewards are also very generous.

Pink Diamond Rewards:
Manu Ginobili - Pink Diamond - 96 OVR - SG/SF





The specific time for joining this new challenge has not been officially determined. For the latest news, please continue to pay attention to

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