NBA 2K21 Season 4 New Galaxy Player Cards Introduction

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2021-01-11 09:09:55
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In the season 4 of NBA 2K21, a large number of new Galaxy player cards have been added. These player cards will bring great changes to the current MyTeam environment. Please see the introduction of new Galaxy player cards in the fourth season of NBA 2K21 shared by NBA2K21MT. Bring some help to players. The fourth season of NBA 2K21 has officially started. The theme of the season is "Return". Durant, who has returned to the field from a serious injury, has become the signature player of the season, and the update content of this season is also the richest, except for a large number of new cards. In addition, Domination has finally been updated! In MyTEAM, Dominance has expanded for the first time in history! Now, you can enter the fourth layer called Heat Check in Domination. Yes, the Heat Check card is back! Match your lineup against all 30 NBA teams and 3 All-Star teams to win up to 99 stars. Every time you win, you can win Statement jerseys, Series 2 players, and Heat Check players from your ruling team!


The biggest reward for earning 99 stars in Heat Check Domination is the Galaxy Opal Antawn Jamison. Still, after making the Galaxy Opal's first appearance last season, you know we haven't done it yet. Limited's 6-ring reward is Russell Westbrook; Unlimited won Kevin McHale, Bill Walton praised ascension, and completing the Throwback Moments series throughout the season will make you Klay Thompson! All are galaxy opals, but we need to be rewarded at level 40 in season 4. The galaxy opal Kawhi Leonard shines! Board members get paid! Since there are so many new cards, I will first introduce the Galaxy player cards of this season.




NO.1 Galaxy Card Players

NBA 2K21 Season 4 New Galaxy Player Cards Introduction


We all know that this season will enter the Galaxy Era, but I didn’t expect that as many as 10 Galaxy cards were thrown out in 2K at the beginning of this season. Among them, the season's full level reward is the first Galaxy card with a total rating of 98, and it is still quite popular. Leonard, I want it, but I don't want it. The way to get these ten galaxies is as follows:
Season full reward: Galaxy Leonard
Limited time match six ring reward: Galaxy Westbrook
Domination Stars Reward: Galaxy Jamison
Infinite Race 68 Wins Reward: Galaxy McHale
Flip Brand Award: Bill Wharton Galaxy
Collection 2000 Reward: Galaxy Lillard
Galaxy token players: Payton, Russell, Barry
FLASH card package direct draw: Galaxy Butler

NO.2 New Domination
The brand-new Domination is based on the theme of bursting status, with a total of 99 stars to be played. The full star award is Galaxy Jamison. Winning the game can get the team's new jersey, new active players, and a status bursting player.

NO.3 Bill Walton
Bill Walton, known as the red giant, became the Flip-brand Galaxy Award in the fourth season. However, as a card that depends on luck, Wharton's ability is just lackluster. First of all, if you have a low three-point ability, you will be directly despised by the five foreign parties. At the current stage, the double speed of 74 is not enough for the center. At least 80 or more, unless you are like Yao Ming. Supermodel weird. It can be said that this Galaxy card has no bright spots on the whole, except for the purple ten cents and excellent passing ability. It is a supportive defender.

NO.4 Jamison
Let's look at the Galaxy Jamison awarded by Domination. As an insider who can shoot, Jamison has always been very popular in MT. This card still maintains his excellent shooting advantages, reaching 92 three-pointers, and other abilities are quite average, with the feeling of a "hexagonal fighter." However, his height is only 2.03 meters. Even if he plays the third position, he is not outstanding. Jamison's badge is relatively ordinary, so compared with the top pink diamond strikers such as Pickle and Bird, there is not much advantage.

NO.5 Westbrook
After three seasons, the limited-time game finally ushered in a heavyweight player known as the "triple-double hunk" Thunder Westbrook. The main highlight of this Galaxy Westbrook is his incredible physical fitness. Its three-speed is as high as 98. It is the fastest player at present, and the strength is not weak. It also comes with excellent purple such as the first step, death coil, ten cents, etc., chapter. But shooting is Westbrook's biggest weakness, so the three-point drill must be arranged. The dribble bag is not particularly outstanding, and the overall feeling is still slightly weaker than Wade.

NO.6 McHale
The most difficult infinite game finally ushered in a master. He is the Celtics superstar McHale. As a well-known spatial insider, this card also has 90 three-pointers and two necessary purple badges for the inside shots of the catcher and the corner expert. At the same time, his speed and lateral movement are also excellent. This is also mine. The reason why he thinks he is better than pink diamond thick eyebrows. Although the height of 2.08 meters is entirely satisfactory, McHale's wingspan is as long as 2.41 meters, which is almost like a gibbon. With multiple defensive purple badges, it is also a right hand in frame protection.

NO.7 Galaxy Lillard
The collection reward for 2000 cards is Galaxy Lillard. The projection ability of this card is even higher than that of the Pink Diamond Curry. He has 97 three-pointers, top hot spots on the outside, hot spot hunters, and long-range turrets. A top-notch shooting purple medal, while Lee coach can cause tons of damage inside. He is an offensive player with no dead ends. As for shortcomings, height and defense are still flawed, and the 94 speed is not fast for the current small guards. But he is a 2K21 cover player who will bring some extra bonuses. He is one of the best defenders at present. He feels better than Baron Davis and is about the same level as Wade.

NO.8 Leonard
Finally, look at the ultimate reward of this season: 98 Galaxy Leonard. First of all, this card can play SG, which is very powerful. The long arms of the small card can almost cover all the players in the 2nd position. Besides, he also has a full hot zone and a quick shooting package and 94 three-pointers. His shooting ability is also the best in the world, and the 94 double speed and 85 power are also perfect for the 2-3 position. As for his signature defense, 98 traversals +95 steals +95 outside security and a direct defensive tendency and ten purple medals, and it is time for the opponent to understand what a real "death entanglement" is. The final reward of the season is still perfect