NBA 2K21 Rookie Card Pack Players and Card introduction

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-11-24 12:33:40
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To commemorate the end of the 2020 NBA Draft that just ended, NBA 2K21 launched a rookie card pack. This card pack includes not only famous high-ranking players but also popular rookies in this draft. Please see NBA2K21MT share below. NBA 2K21 rookie card package player card introduction, I hope to bring some help to all players.

NBA 2K21 Rookie Locker Code
Rewards: Evolution 2020 NBA Rookie

Specific list
All the rookies in this card pack are green cards that can continue to evolve. Among them, only three balls can develop to diamonds, which is better than the champion, and the pink diamond Reddish is an evolutionary lock card reward.

Card lock reward
This time the lock card reward 2K has also played a new trick. When you evolve all-rookie green cards to the highest level, you can get a pink diamond, Redish. This time the liver emperors have something to do. And when you collect Big Eyebrows, Doncic, Robinson, Ingram, and Simmons, you can get 200 tokens if you lock them. This is also the most massive NBA 2K21 MT income. It seems that next season will be Out of the Galaxy Token Card.

Player Reviews
Since these rookie green cards' attributes are very general, and now they can't see their complete evolution attributes, so that I won't comment on the first, I will start directly with the diamond card.

Brandon Ingram
NBA 2K21 Rookie Card Pack Players and Card introduction

Height and weight: 201CM/86KG
Central position: SF/PF
Key attributes: 87 three points +85 sudden buckle +85 double speed
Key Badge: First Step Master + Counter Terminator
The Lakers' Yingge debut! This diamond card's offense is excellent, can shoot and buckle, and the long wingspan will bring advantages in modeling. But his athletic ability is average, his strength is meager, and his speed is not too fast, and his defense is rather sloppy. However, Yingge has the purple medal of the first step master, which is a big plus, and his shooting and finishing badges are also very rich. He is a strong and defensive striker.

Ben Simmons

Height and weight: 208CM/104KG
Central position: PF/SF
Key attributes: 93 speed +85 power +90 steals
Key badge: Confrontation Terminator + Powerful Terminator
Diamond Xidi is also here, but this card cannot play PG, so his usage rate will be significantly reduced. In terms of attributes, 55 three points are correct. This is the Western Emperor Bendi! The biggest highlight of this card is its super athletic ability and finish at the basket, the perfect combination of power and speed, and the defense is also excellent. The six purple medals are all finishers, and there are ten cents, the first step, A large number of practical gold medals such as death coils and steal experts. Anyway, as long as 2K gives Simmons the PG position, he is invincible.

Luka Doncic

Height and weight: 201CM/98KG
Central position: SG/SF
Key attributes: 90 three points +91 ball control +84 three speeds
Key badge: organization core + marksman
The most embarrassing part is that it cannot play PG, which causes the original height advantage to be significantly reduced. Looking at the attributes alone, 077 is mainly strong in shooting and confrontation, with a complete hot zone, but the 84 three-speed is still slow for the outside, and the defense is entirely satisfactory. In terms of badges, the purple organization core was praised, and almost all the shooting chapter and organization chapter was given.

Cameron Reddish

Height and weight: 203CM/94KG
Central position: SF/SG
Key attributes: 88 three points +90 sudden buckle +90 double speed
Key badge: performance moment + catcher
Friends who have played 2K20 are no strangers to Redish. He was a mighty player last year, and in this game, he appeared in the form of a locked card, and 2K is a good face. In terms of attributes, this pink diamond has no apparent shortcomings, it can be shot, buckled, and defended, and its athletic ability is also on the upper side. The same type of pickled pepper shot bag is perfect. He can also play SG with a height of 2 meters 03, which has certain modeling advantages.
In terms of badges, 33 gold and eight purple, and the badges are distributed exceptionally evenly. There are almost all the critical badges in each type, and they can be upgraded. They are currently rare all-around talents. As for the question of whether it is worth the liver, It depends on whether you have time.