NBA 2K21 Quantum Card Pack Player Card Analysis Introduction to Galaxy Durant and Galaxy Luka Doncic Player Card

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2021-02-22 08:37:24
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The NBA 2K21 Quantum Card Pack is the first player card pack in the season 5. Three of the Galaxy player cards have powerful abilities, which can be the most potent batch of cards. Please see NBA 2K21 shared by NBA2K21MT below. Quantum card pack player card analysis, hope to bring some help to all players.

Specific list

NBA 2K21 recently launched the Quantum Theme Pack. The three galaxies are all viral stars. As for the comic versions of O’Neill and Luka Doncic that everyone cares about, there is no difference in the two cards' attributes. The comic version of Luka Doncic is just more. A purple chapter of a key shooter and the comic version can’t complete the task. It’s just a skin change. As for the burst rate of this card pack, the probability of issuing two red cards is too high. I have more than 20 packs in a row. All red cards are going down, and just when I was scolding the street, the next pack was out of Galaxy Luka Doncic.

Player Reviews


Elvis Wallace has always been a high-quality wing in the past 2K. This card also has a good price/performance ratio. It can be used for three points and shooting. It is fast and has a tough defense. It also has 16 purple chapters. However, there is no long-range turret, which needs to be supplemented manually.


Odom is still the all-around Odom, his attributes are green, and the 2.08-meter model still has a clear advantage in the third position, and the number of purple chapters has reached 23 at the galaxy level. Strong.

Pink Diamond Malone

This pink diamond Malone has set a new record. He is the first player to have no mission in the theme package, making the "postman" who is not popular in MT even more unpopular. But this Malone's attributes are not bad, especially the 90 double speed is considered top in the interior, and there is a purple first step. If you like a small lineup, you can consider using him as a center.

Luka Doncic

This Galaxy Luka Doncic is good. His three-pointers and speed all reached 95, and the interior is also considered excellent. The shooting speed is much faster than the previous 95 pink diamonds, and it also comes with a purple long-range turret. The projection has jumped to the top level. Besides, although Luka Doncic is not very generous in modeling as a white player, he is still very comfortable playing point guard at the height of 2.01 meters. Therefore, I put him alongside Jeremy Lin and other players, which is currently the best one in the game. One of the number choices!

Galaxy Kevin Durant

Galaxy Kevin Durant, wearing a Nets jersey, is on the stage. If the above 077 is one of the best point guards, then this Kevin Durant is one of the best strikers at the moment, standing with Galaxy Lao Zhan and Xiaoka. ! Galactic Kevin Durant's projection ability directly graduated, the only regret is that the hot spot hunter only has a gold medal. The 94 double-speed can be matched with a pair of Ke-6 speed shoes, which can directly let him take off, and the 28 purple awards are also total, and in the next generation, his purple medals are as many as 31, which is the current badge. Players!

Galaxy Shaquille O'Neal

NBA 2K21 Quantum Card Pack Player Card Analysis Introduction to Galaxy Durant and Galaxy Luka Doncic Player Card

The advantages and disadvantages of this 98 Galaxy Shaquille O'Neal are very prominent. He has 94 double-speed comparables to a defender and the most substantial interior finishing ability for the advantages. It also has a purple first step and a conversion master, which is simply a car. "Speeding heavy tank." The disadvantage, of course, is that there is no three-point ability. It is difficult to find a center like this that can't shoot three-pointers at all these years. Anyway, Yinhe Ao fat is so distinct. Whether to buy it or not depends entirely on your personal preference.