NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Options and Modes Review

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-11-13 13:54:31
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I have played a lot of NBA 2K21 in the current generation, but I admit that to look forward to the next generation's release, I used one foot to experience it. I am lucky to use the next-generation version for some time, and I have recorded puzzling time in various modes. With NBA 2K21, 2K has also taken a big step: the game is priced at $70, which is $10 higher than the previous price, which has led to speculation that $70 will become the new standard for the next generation.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the next-generation version of NBA 2K21 Options and Modes.

The Good
MBA is crazy-NBA 2K already has the most profound franchise experience in sports video games. By merging MyGM and MyLeague into MyNBA, they shocked everyone in the games they have won. I must point you to my written record of this feature in this mode for a more whole-person appearance, but believe me when I say it is just as good as if you are a fan of the franchise model advertising.

The roster creation and sharing options are unparalleled-roster creation, and franchising models go hand in hand, and both have undergone notable upgrades. The next-generation version allows fans to share their MyNBA settings and scenes, thereby providing people in the community with almost unlimited replay value. The amount of customization in the series mode makes all other sports gaming communities envy what 2K franchise fans have.

The city is a revelation-as early as 2017, 2K changed the single-player experience with "Neighborhood." The concept is excellent, but it started with a lot of bumps and problems. Although "City City" has a broader development from the perspective of server strength, it may benefit from fewer hosts and players to deal with. Still, it runs more smoothly in a more general environment. The entire city is enormous, and it is reported that it takes about 45 minutes to cross every inch of the town. There are many things to do in this environment, enough to become your own game. It is difficult for any other sports game to approach this technological advancement.

The rewards of affiliation are huge-affiliation is back, and this time they become more meaningful. The addition of the central theme of social media charges promoted the development of this concept. Also, an achievement element has been added because all players must start their journey before entering Rookieville before being accepted into any community. If you are a fan of MyPlayer, it is hard to imagine not liking these features.

The WNBA experience is great-the entire WNBA site is full of beauty. From the above excellent gameplay to the WNBA MyCareer experience, the introduction of MyWNBA, and the online game "The W" (providing a 3-on-3 PARK style feel), 2K has won the favor of community ladies. There is still room for further expansion, but 2K has become the most inclusive sports video game series.

Offline CAP tattoos are finally available for many years; the roster creators have wanted to add tattoos to players created offline but have been unable to do so. Fortunately, 2K has opened the ability to add the same fonts available in MyPlayer to offline CAP. It may seem small, but it is significant for this aspect of the 2K community.


NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Options and Modes Review

The Bad
There is no WNBA immediate online game feature-like the entire WNBA experience; it cannot compete online with friends or another user in the community for the exhibition game. You can play games with someone one-on-one through couch games and in MyNBA Online, but not all at once.

Face and hair sculpting needs to be improved to create players-CAP can now add tattoos, but face and hair sculpting still lags behind games such as MLB The Show and WWE 2K. This part of the elimination game will take the already decisive game to a higher level.

For MyNBA, there is no retention fee-it feels like the lack of this feature in NBA 2K games is an intelligent decision. For some reason, it seems that 2K does not see the value of allowing franchisees to continue to transfer savings from one version to another. Major League Baseball (MLB) programs introduced this feature about seven years ago, and the community is delighted with this feature. 2K still lags in this area.

MyCareer story should be a separate mode-Long Shadow is not a completely different story mode from your current generation. Still, it is more suitable as an independent and optional mode that users can play and play. You can get rich VC rewards, maybe also There are unique badges, but this should have a purpose. At this point, it feels like a mode that forces users to play games instead of enjoying its cinematic quality.

There is no draft mode in MyTeam-MyTeam has received most of the improvements in the current version. In the next generation, there are some unique courses and venues, but they are the same. This is not a bad thing because a lot of work has been invested in the current generation of models, and your VCs and collections have moved from one to another. The problem is that it is still not included. The main reason for the omission is the lack of draft mode. At this time, MyTeam may be the only sports collector model that does not have a draft function.

There is no salary cap mode in MyTeam-just like the lack of draft options, MyTeam still lacks a salary cap mode. By January, this mode will be surpassed by Pink Diamond and Galaxy Opal Cards, making the gameplay ridiculous. The salary cap model will go a long way in solving this problem, but it is excluded from the game, which is too bad. If there is another major issue that can almost contend with the ball's authenticity, it is this.