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NBA 2K21 First Update Fixed the BUG of MyCAREER, MyTEAM, MyLEAGUE, MyGM

NBA 2K21 Date: Sep/14/20 21:21:52 Views: 91

NBA 2K21's first update, 1.02 patch, has been released, which includes the latest information about PS4 and Xbox One changes, including the ability to choose between Pro Stick Aiming or traditional Shot Timing. This Updated Also Fixed the BUG of MyCAREER, MyTEAM, MyLEAGUE, MyGM.



NBA 2K21 First Update Fixed the BUG of MyCAREER, MyTEAM, MyLEAGUE, MyGM


MyCareer's story is solid. MyCareer never reached depth before entering the storytelling until entering the NBA. Its direct connection to the park/community experience is intertwined, but it still leaves it alone. In addition to the techniques mentioned above, We can say that We like the story of MyCareer this year. We are delighted that the 2K development team brought back the high school experience and closely linked it with the university. With this in mind, We hope to watch some more games in high school and college. Adding some more colleges would also be a good thing to show that the school is trying to recruit your players from high school/middle school.
- Fixed a Pro-Am 3v3 hang that was being reported by the community.
- Fixed a hang that some users said when entering/exiting the Cages.
- Addressed a case where some users reported a loss of control of their MyPLAYER during gameplay.
- Fixed an issue in MyCOURT where the player could not finish some mini-games with individual NBA players as AI.
- Fixed a hang that could happen at the start of a 3-on-3 game in MyCOURT.
- Fixed an issue where fan growth in Park games was not properly accumulating.
- Addressed an issue where custom shoes were sometimes not showing up correctly on other players in the Beach.
- Fixed a hang that some users reported when transitioning between Beach instances.
- Users will now receive the correct scene after winning the College Championship.

Despite the frustration, We still have hope for this year's model. We need to prevent me from breaking the controller long enough to see the 2K iron eliminate wrinkles. Other apparent problems include XP targets not being counted correctly, some people still haven't received pre-order bonuses, and the strange way to add or upgrade badges with individual cards. I hope there is a fix because these little things will add up.
- Fixed a hang that would occur if the user was tracking an expired Agenda.
- Fixed an issue where the progress bar would fail to show progress on the Agenda Tracker.
- Improved user interface issues when applying and upgrading badges to play cards.


As for MyLeague, We can't think of any way to immediately improve the model. Over the years, the entire expansion implementation process has been very interesting. This year's offer really makes people feel relaxed: this year's draft is not included, and every rookie that is automatically generated is completely incompetent on the offensive end. We said it was terrible, shocking, slow release and almost unplayable.
We can understand why MyLeague and MyGM did not show much love in NBA 2K21, but if we move on and invest in new hardware and more expensive current versions of games, we can access the "upgraded" version. On the console side, it can be said with certainty that we should see these two core areas have been expanded and improved. Many criticisms of 2K are that these models have little economic stimulus to publishers, so development has moved elsewhere. However, doing so is really alienating a quiet but still huge group of players who like the micro-management elements of MyLeague and MyGM. If there is one thing on my NBA 2K21 next-generation wish list, it is that these models have received more love than they have received.
- 2K Share Content (Draft Classes/Players/Rosters) should now correctly function when accessed.
- Tuning improvements to Player Progression, based on community feedback. With our new “Boom or Bust” system, player progression/regression has been completely re-written for 2K21 to provide a level of dynamism such that players will follow different career arcs in different playthroughs.
- Addressed a MyLEAGUE item where the user would hang when selecting the Save As option after accessing the shared save list.

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