NBA 2K21 FIASH card pack strategy, introduction to player card attributes

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-09-26 12:35:44
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The NBA 2K21 card pack is updated relatively quickly. There will be new player cards to meet with players every week. So what are the contents of the FIASH card pack added this time? Below, please see the introduction of NBA 2K21 FIASH card pack player cards shared by NBA2K21MT, hoping to bring some help to all players. This time the theme is the FLASH card pack that continues the 2K20 style. In addition to famous players such as Diamond KD and Pink Diamond Roy, it also includes a "fault card." The so-called "fault card" refers to the player's attributes and position. The card that is incredibly inconsistent in reality is an excuse that 2K makes for itself.


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NBA 2K21 FIASH card pack strategy, introduction to player card attributes

NBA 2K21 FIASH Card Pack Player Card Introduction

White Mamba
White Mamba is also an old face of 2K. The feature of this card is single, that is, shooting. He has 86 three-pointers and a good shooting bag. Moreover, the height of 2.06 meters can also get a specific height advantage in the SF position. Still, His other attributes are not ideal, and his badge has several shooting gold medals.

The Spurs "old fritters" Dior debuted. This purple card has a height of 2.03 meters and can be used as both PF and SF striker positions. It is not as tall as the White Mamba. However, he has an all-around performance on the offensive end. He can shoot (83 three-pointers), buckle (85 stand buckles), and hit back (85 backs + 84 hooks), and with 84 strength, he has an intense confrontation in the third position. Sex, and a good pass support (84) ability, comes with silver ten cents.

Next is a striker, he is the "Reaper" Durant of the Warriors! This diamond KD has an excellent projection, with 88 mid-range shots and three-pointers. Still, the hot zone is average (as shown in the picture below), and it also has an excellent ability to attack the frame (sudden buckle 85 + double buckle tendency 85). The 83 double speed + 80 haul speed is quite fast for KD, who has a long wingspan of 2 meters 06, and the 86 ball control allows him to make dribbling moves such as big back dribbling. The breakthrough ability is also first-class.
As for the shortcomings, the 64 power is a bit low if playing in the 4th position, and the rebounding and rebounding of this card are not acceptable. Diamond KD has two purple badges in terms of badges: the green machine and the perpetual motion shooter and the silver dribbling veteran and the first step master. It is recommended to improve his shooting and organization chapters, and sneakers prioritize three points of shoe.

The only pink diamond in this card pack is Brandon Roy. The attributes of these two cards are not much different. Offensively, 82 three-pointers + 93 mid-range shooting, shooting slightly weaker than Manu, but the hot zone is perfect. Roy's ability to finish the basket is more uncompromising, dunking to 95 points, but Dunk's tendency for some reason. Only 60.
The 88 double speed is the same as Manu, but the jumping and strength are higher than Manu, and the two's defensive abilities are similar. There are five purple medals for the badge: against the terminator, fast-breaking terminator, strong terminator, cold-blooded killer, and critical shooter. Among them, a cold-blooded killer and the critical shooter can improve the player's shooting percentage at the end of the game, reflecting Roy's big heart. In general, Manu is better at shooting, and Roy is better at dunking.

Finally, let's look at the first failure card in 2K21. He is the legendary NBA point guard in Stockton. Although he is just a diamond card, I think its attributes have reached the galactic level! Ninety-four three-pointers are very high in terms of offense, the hot zone is also right, and his Dunk gave a stop dunk 90 + 90 sudden Dunk, dunk tendency is also 100 + 95, we must know that Stockton is only 1.85 meters tall. The "fault" of this card allows him to cause significant damage inside.
Physically, 94 three-speed top, 69 power is not low for point guards, and pass control is above 90. On the defensive side, 95 steals + 95 lateral moves; defensive tendencies are also above 80. The four purple badges are Ten Cents, Organizer, Ball Guard, and Giant Killer in terms of badges. They are also efficient badges. It feels like Rose's point guard position can be replaced. Sneakers are recommended to continue to increase the speed; the badge can make the first step master purple even stronger.