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NBA 2K21 BACK TO BACK New Locker Code And Card Pack player introduction

NBA 2K21 Date: Sep/15/20 23:53:53 Views: 347

NBA 2K21 updated the new card pack "BACK TO BACK" on Tuesday night. Players will get a lot of influential players in this card pack. Please see the introduction of NBA 2K21 BACK TO BACK card packs shared by NBA2K21MT below. We hope to bring some help to all players.

New locker code
There is a new code today, and the rewards are not bad. There are new packages, consumables packages, and standard alliance packages, mainly because there are tokens on the turntable.
Expiry Date: One week from September 16, 2020
Reward: Back-to-Back Pack, Gold Consumables Pack or Base League Pack


NBA 2K21 BACK TO BACK New Locker Code And Card Pack player introduction

BACK TO BACK card holder
The new package comes on time every Tuesday night. This is also the second card package in the first season of the substantial rise series. 2K continues to give a quick diamond PG.

New card package introduction
The price of the new package is consistent with that of the playoffs.
The first burst rate is quite touching, and NBA2K21MT Editor has not seen purple after another 20 packs.
This time the new package available card has two diamonds, one purple, and two reds. The two open diamond cards were given to Thomas and Odom, and the package-lock reward was Rodman.
To let everyone lock the bag, 2K is the reward for the second time the bag is closed and the task reward.

New player card introduction
There are six cards in this new package, and another new card is the reward of Spotlight All-pass-Sapphire Michael Thompson. At present, these seven cards NBA2K21MT Editor have been added to the official account entry. You can search for the full name in Chinese to view the Player attribute map.

Dennis Rodman (93) Bulls

Get: "BACK TO BACK" lock package reward

This lock pack's drill Rodman has a total value of 3280, a card with undeniable functionality and good defensive attributes. It gave 90 internal defense, 83 lateral shift, 90 blocks, and 96 interference shots. The double board gave 97, 95. Badges are also quite good. There were 5 defensive Hall of Fame badges in the early stage, but the death coil was not given.
The offensive ability is approximately equal to 0 except for the pie under the basket. The shot is not much to say. Does the layup only give 55? 78 off the ball speed and 75 acceleration, the athletic ability is not outstanding. PF/C can be selected for the height position of 200CM. Although PF has no sense of presence on the court at this stage, only from the data point of view, this Rodman NBA2K21MT Editor personally feels that it is not worth locking.

Isiah Thomas (93) Pistons
Obtain: "BACK TO BACK" card package open directly
Attribute: The total value is 3234. Among the six central sports ability and organizational ability are in the high light zone.
On the offensive end, this assassin has a reliable 90 mid-range and 94 cut layups. The 82 free throws are not bad. At least they will not miss the goal after making a foul like Drill Kidd. Controlling luck is the strong point of this card. This generation currently focuses on Xiaoling, this Thomas is undoubtedly smaller and a little faster, with 96 ball control +94 luck and take off with shoes.
The defensive end data is quite passable, 87 outside defense, 90 lateral movement, 88 steals, 98 interference shooting, 60 power is low, and 185CM height. This card can be regarded as an enhanced version of AI.
NBA2K21MT Editor suggests that at present, one or two drill point guards of this type should be enough. There are 3-4 similar players in the front, with control, no long distance, and no buckle. This kind of player will change quickly. With a card like Kidd Payton, I don’t recommend that you chase this Thomas again. You can wait for the upgraded version of Rose that passes the ball + speed + buckle with one hand, or a big magician point guard. Otherwise, The feeling of improvement is not apparent.
Replenishable badge: If you want to use this Thomas, you must replenish the giant nemesis. Otherwise, it is easy to eat. Besides, the end of the dodge and the end of rhythm can also be considered to make up.

Lamar Odom (92) Lakers
Obtain: "BACK TO BACK" card package open directly
This Dangdang gives a total value of 3422, mainly for the inside attack. Although the defensive attributes are not very good, 208CM can play SF at this stage is still a small advantage. Generally speaking, the characteristics of this card are relatively balanced. Being a tool, man must be fine and entirely satisfactory, but it does not have any outstanding performance.

Barry Howell (91) Celtics
Obtain: "BACK TO BACK" card package open directly

Kenny Smith (89)
Obtain: "BACK TO BACK" card package open directly
If you don't have a PG available, you can take a look at this Kenny Smith. Although the 86 ball possession +90 speed is not too prominent, it can be abrupt. Besides, there are three points in the middle distance and a slight deviation in defense. Of course, if you want to use this card, you still have to make up for the badge.

Andre Iguodala (88) Warriors
Obtain: "BACK TO BACK" card package open directly

Michael Thompson (86) Lakers
Get: Reward after BACK TO BACK spotlight challenge is completed.

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