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NBA 2K21 Ability Value Released - James NO.1 for 11 consecutive years

NBA 2K21 Date: Oct/23/20 02:33:35 Views: 182

The 2019-20 season has been over for a while, and the Lakers enjoy the joy after winning the championship. However, this joy cannot be maintained for long. They are actively operating and leaving Anthony Davis, and they are certainly not satisfied with this championship.

The news that the Lakers want to reinforce. In last year’s playoffs and finals, Kuzma, the team’s third giant, did not perform very well. His influence on the team was not as good as Rondo, or even worse. Caruso, otherwise, there would be no Lakers fans co-voting, or Kuzma won the championship ring.

However, this is all speculation by the outside world. Whether Kuzma will stay next season or not will have to be made by the Lakers management; however, the Warriors will come back next season. The Nets will welcome the comeback of Irving and Durant. Go and stay.

If the Lakers want to win the championship as quickly as this year, it isn't easy. They will have a high probability of making relevant reinforcements. The Lakers’ critical ball has always been a big problem. They need a guard with a particular ability to hold the ball in singles. Bogdanovic of the Kings is the right choice.

If the Lakers can keep Davis, James's combination will be the most potent duo in the league next season. Anthony Davis is entering his peak.

James, who has been 36 years old in more than two months, still maintains an extreme dominance. His age is not a limit. His existence can still affect the situation of a team or even the league.

Through his performance in the playoffs and finals some time ago, James has also entirely convinced those who questioned him. The outside world has used James’ age more than once and thought that he was getting older, without Leonard, Antetokounmpo and others are powerful and outstanding.

The way to face doubts is to use practical actions to break them step by step. Those players who claim to have surpassed James fell in the Eastern and Western semifinals, respectively. In terms of leading the team, they really can’t compare with James.

In the newly released NBA2K21 player ability value, James ranked first in the league with 98 points, and he convinced him! Besides, the Nets double stars Durant and Irving have abilities above 90 points. What effect will this have on the league's most vital players? NBA2K21MT still have to wait and see.


NBA 2K21 Ability Value Released - James NO.1 for 11 consecutive years

Finals MVP, the league's strongest king James has a 2K21 ability value of 98, ranking first in the company alone.

Last season, the regular season MVP and best defensive player Antetokounmpo, who led the team to win the league's best record last season, has a 2K21 ability value of 97, ranking second in the league.

Zion Williamson, the No. 1 pick who has played only 24 games, has a 2K21 ability to 86.

Booker's ability value is 88.


Jamal Murray, who performed well in the playoffs, has a 2K21 ability of 87.

As the second-best player in this year's finals, Butler has a 2K21 ability of 93, which is reasonable.



The scorer Harden's 2K21 ability is 96.

As the cover character of 2K21, Lillard has an ability of 95.

The Jazz dual-core Mitchell and Gobert's 2K21 ability values ​​are 88 and 87, respectively.

The Nets double stars Irving and Durant, who have not formally cooperated, have 2K21 ability values ​​of 90 and 95, respectively.

The 2K21 abilities of the Celtics three Jewok, Brown, and Tatum are 86, 86, and 90, respectively.

The 2018 double star Taeyang and Dongcic’s 2K21 ability values ​​are 88 and 94, respectively.

In 2K20, Dongcic 90 Treyang 89, 2K19, Dongcic 79 Treyang 77, the gap between the two gradually widened.

A year later, the Splash Brothers came again, Klay Thompson's 2K21 ability value was 89, and Curry was 95.

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