Kyle Kuzma will be a shining star in the future

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-01-17 14:48:39
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KYLE KUZMA has outscored RUSSELL WESTBROOK in 2K22, KYLE KUZMA is now 82 OVR, and RUSSELL WESTBROOK is 81 OVR. Thanks to his recent excellent performance in the league, the young player seems to have gained new life after leaving the Lakers.

Since the Lakers traded KUZMA, KUZMA has been very efficient, averaging 15.7 points and nearly nine rebounds per game. On the field, KUZMA's running position is very flexible. He can dash outside without the ball and skillfully occupy a favorable position. At the same time, he can adjust his work according to the situation of the field. When his defender turns around to check or intercept a penetrating player, he will cleverly slide sideways 5 feet, leaving his defender suddenly no longer in the best position to guard his shot.


Kyle Kuzma will be a shining star in the future

KYLE KUZMA has put up some pretty good numbers in the last few games:

VS POR 16 12 2 2
VS ORL 19 10 9 1
VS OKC 29 5 3 1
VS ORL 27 22 1 0
VS CHI 21 11 2 1


15.7 8.7 3.0 0.6 0.7


Most people probably don't notice that KUZMA needs to keep the ball in his hands so he can get into the rhythm quickly. He could be a corner shooter, but limiting him to that would be a waste. When he gets the ball more often, he'll get better, play incredible defense, attack the paint, and probably take over the game at prime time as well, and his future potential is limitless.

Grab those defensive rebounds, try to find a partner with the ball in hand, and let KUZMA show the audience a fast offensive rhythm and great running distance in the last few beautiful games. That's the best way for Kurz to choose!

Glad the Lakers traded KYLE KUZMA. With so many backcourt players on the team, he didn't have much room to grow there. In a different environment, he will have a chance to shine. Ironically, all of the young players the Lakers eliminated in that span showed good upside.

KYLE KUZMA worked hard to make those who didn't like him realize that his past perceptions were wrong. LeBron tried to make him a spot-up shooter. After leaving LeBron, he got more passes, which Gave him more rhythm. He's averaging 18 points in his second year, and with insane numbers in the last few games, leaving LA is the best thing for him while proving that LeBron once didn't take this potential star as a big deal.

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