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Jelly Layups that drive people crazy on the court - 2K23

NBA 2K23 Date: Jan/17/23 17:20:58 Views: 101

Jelly Layups are when a player rushes to the basket and jumps up when people think he will make a dunk, but he just does some moves in the air and rolls the ball into the basket with his hands. Although this layup is not as reliable as other layups, it is one of the coolest and most fun shots to make.




Requirements for a jelly layup

Driving dunk Driving layup Max height
80+ 80+ 6'9


Badges required

The best badge to go with when performing Jelly Layups is the silver Acrobat, which will drastically enhance those variation-filled layups of yours.


Details of Jelly Layups

Players need to drive straight to the basket and jump like a dunk. Try holding R2 while doing this. If you do this while dunking, it should work. Once the player is in the air, you can have the square to dunk/dunk the ball, then spell the square, and the player will dunk the ball into the basket and flip it slightly.






Crazy Jelly Layups on the court


How do 360/sports dunks as required? - A share from a player

1. Go to 2KU and select Ja Morant.
Run towards the goal, don't sprint, then bounce RS up, then right/left with a euro step-like pace.
If you want to do this in a professional morning shooting clinic, it won't work. So if you are a practicing animator outside of 2KU, the 360 cannot be done at high speed because the coding is different. It is more arcade-like in 2KU, and you must be close to the defense to do that in the park.

2. equip Ja Morant Layup Package. Then equip Slithery Finisher and Acrobat, at least silver, preferably gold.
Don't have hip ride/pinch animations when you get into the paint.
As you approach the defender in the paint, drive, then let go of the sprint and tap Square/X as if you were doing a Hop Step. You can even do this with RS.
The more people in front of you, the more likely you are to activate this move. You have to make this move before you make contact with the defender, or you will get a choked layup attempt.

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