How to Improve your NBA 2K21 Shooting

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-09-02 17:45:44
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NBA 2K21 provides us with a new shooting meter with a new set of controls. Players will have to focus more on timing when pitching. Do you want to know why? Because if you step up time, the ball will miss everything. Yes, there may be actual flying balls in the latest games of the NBA 2K series. I will be here to help all players who want to become better at shooting.

1.Find a jumper you like and stick to it.
So, how do you find a jump shot that suits you? In the first few weeks of the game’s release, the community will find most of the jump shots. Please check Reddit, youtube, and twitter to find out. When I see shooters are not good, they often make the first mistake to shoot their favorite online and offline. The lens, and this in the online game Klay Thompson (Klay Thompson) may be the best catcher and shooter in the league, but his jumper? Complete garbage. There are many exceptions (Wade, Allen, Exum), but you usually want to avoid jump shots based on athletes.

2. Master the jump shot
It seems very easy, right? Just play some entertainment and park games, will you find that the timing is correct? The exercise is perfect, so it's time to enter your curve time room. My court has a unique feature that turns you into a sniper: a ball machine. A point guard may only want to practice in the left and right shots but knows that his receiving and shooting timing is harmless.
The ball machine will become your best friend. Walk into your court and press A. It will switch to the split mode and then select the ball machine. My daily job is to follow the basic 3pt competition system and take five photos on each corner, wing, and critical point. I usually test flights three times in a row until I can green from each position, so I shoot 15 times in total. Sometimes I will try once; sometimes, I will try once. Relax and understand your schedule. There is no stress or dirty news. I usually play podcasts or some music and then shoot. For those who want to perfect the timing, I suggest you spend an hour to turn the timing into muscle memory. All these elites can green at will because they know their shooting methods and have no guesswork.

3. Take off your bar
Now, you can always stay green with a jumper, so now is the time to eradicate your entire routine. Do you perceive bars? You will notice that competitive players rarely use the bar, but why? Nba 2k game director Mike Wang:“It adds windows, increases good shooting timing, but also makes bad shooting timing worse. If you struggle with shooting timing, I will not close it. But if you know your timing, You will see a higher %s."
For those who don't speak 2k, it’s easier to translate the lens, and the shooter who can’t time the jumper may be punished. In my opinion, barrier-free shooting is more comfortable because I remember the animation of my player/muscle memory instead of trying to time it. At first, it seemed difficult to shoot without a barbell, but I guarantee that once you start greening, they will not return to the barbell. It may not be the case for 2k21, but I hope they do because, in my opinion, this is one of the few skill differences in the game.

4. Don't block X (or square) before shooting
When playing random shots, I can often tell that they are aimed at the X or square button before shooting. This is a big no. Before the ball touches your hand, clicking the shot button will give you a hefty penalty. Wait until the ball touches your hand, then shoot. No. 4 and No. 5 go hand in hand.

How to Improve your NBA 2K21 Shooting

5. Space the floor (know your role on offense)
"All he did was sit in the corner. He was rubbish. Imagine not shooting in all games. It's a shame." This idea is so common on this subreddit. Honestly, it might be Reddit. The worst thing in the 2k community. Let me explain to you something you might not want to hear: some people want to win and don't care about statistics. This corner player knows his role and is taking it to the extreme. He doesn't watch if he takes ten shots or 0 shots. He won the game here. I hope more players have this attitude. Many of these players come from mycareer. They scored 45 shoots in fun and won the finals. They think they are the greatest gift God has given to humanity. They went to the park with that mentality, with the thought of offending their opponents desperately. A point guard drives 2k, so if you are an off-court player, you know you are a role. I am not trying to belittle role players, on the contrary. You are the backbone of every team. Anyone can find a defender to shoot. It is much harder to find someone willing to do the dirty work and contribute when asked. Be humble and be the best teammate possible. I promise you will let all your teammates join you and try to run.

6. Make a wired connection and make sure your TV is an in-game mode
This makes a massive difference because it limits the latency and peak lag in online playback. If you must play on wifi, please make sure not to download or update any games while playing 2k online. Most modern TVs allow you to switch picture modes, such as movies, sports events, or games. Switching to game mode will reduce input delay and make your jump shots and general games more responsive.

7. Buy shooting boosters
This is the dirty secret of the 2k community. Improving the shooting effect is a beneficial online shooting method. Although I agree that they are bad for the game, you will be at a disadvantage if you don't buy enhancements. Make sure not to spend all your venture capital on purchasing new shoes and clothes, but always focus on making sure your shooting ability is improved.

If anyone wants to add any content or any criticism, be sure to comment. If anyone needs any further help, please shoot me DM or reply below. I will try to help you.