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How to improve NBA 2K21 MyLeague players

NBA 2K21 Date: Sep/27/20 20:56:38 Views: 28704

Do you want to improve the players in MyLeague? NBA 2K21's MyLeague, although not as popular as MyCareer or MyTeam, is as exciting and rewarding as the other two game modes. Most of this satisfaction comes from helping your favorite team.


How to improve NBA 2K21 MyLeague players

Improving the young core is crucial to rebuilding the team’s chances of winning, as this is one of the main reasons players choose this game mode. Fans want to live in their team's fantasy through MyLeague, whether through trades or active player development. Although the former pays off faster, the overall understanding of the latter is more challenging. Below are three tips to improve MyLeague players in NBA 2K21.

Be patient and develop a young core.
One mistake that players can easily make is being impatient with their young core. Players like Giannis, Stephen Curry, and Kyrie Irving will take several seasons to develop into what they are now. For example, Giannis spent the entire season scoring 20+ points in one game.

In most cases, the growth rate of young cores is prolonged, but the steady growth of attributes is the key to evaluating players. Keep long-term development in mind, because without long-term effect, you may blow up the entire team and sacrifice franchise life.

Develop specific training programs for players
Specific training programs are essential to improve MyLeague players. Let us take the New York Knicks as an example, with RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson as two stars. In MyLeague, you can completely customize training for these players. Players like RJ need to improve their three-pointers and their skills. On the other hand, Robinson needs to develop mid-range jumpers.

Customizing their training to high-intensity levels allows your players to train in their weakest areas. However, you cannot understand the strengths and weaknesses of all players. The way to find them is as follows:
Enter your list
Enter edit mode
Scroll right and see its maximum potential
Identify room for improvement.
Adjust attributes to see the most beneficial impact on them
Develop a corresponding training program

Optimize your summer camp
The offseason summer camp is crucial to improving the level of MyLeague players. You need to know which rookies can improve the most and which rookies can improve their game level. Most offseason summer camps have a small number of seats, so choose wisely. Usually, the best way is to increase its potential.

Playable G League
We did it at a certain point in the previous generation, and it was pretty good. It's great to play with some young players who may not have been able to play in the NBA, but the team is full of non-editable fictional players. If 2K can find a way to get real players to join in or have players with facial scans, I think many franchise people will be happy.

Looking ahead, we will see more and more draft prospects skip college and go directly to the G League. How big will it be to scan some of them and join the G League? This is similar to how MLB The Show added more than 100 checked prospects to the game this year. We will be one step ahead in the custom draft class.

Rule change
In any other game I know of, the rules have not been changed or not to this extent. You can vote on the offseason changes or override these changes as needed, which is excellent. However, it is great to be able to make any rule changes before you start. Imagine that you can use a custom roster to change the 8-second clock back to 10 seconds in a season with historical records. Or set the NCAA MyLeague shooting clock to 30 seconds. This mode is indeed your ultimate sandbox, which is a small thing that can take it one step further.

Pre-match performance
I like seeing Ernie, Shaq, and Kenny's pre-match shows when the game loads. Now, I have to watch 2KTV and then watch the pre-match show after the game loads. It seems they want to delete it entirely, but want to support people to skip the real data. If I’m playing MyLeague, I want to hear what game I’m going to play (even if it’s just a general route), not what new dances they have added to The Park.

The coaching staff has six seats in the game, which I think is very good. I want the real general manager in the game and want to add an assistant position. I hope that the more places I add, the more honest people I add. Even some classic players can be coaches.

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