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How to complete Trade Rumors Quest in NBA 2K22?

NBA 2K22 Date: Jan/05/22 10:58:30 Views: 3291

2K released a Trade Rumors Quest in NBA 2K22. Some players are unclear about completing this task and struggle to get specific steps to complete. Don't worry about this problem anymore, and we will answer the task flow next.

Complete Trade Rumors Quest in MyCAREER
This task will appear in your MyCAREER very early. The origin of this task is that you lack enough playing time in the team, and then the media will start asking you about your satisfaction with the team.

Trade Rumors Quest will continue to expand based on how you answer the questions, and then you will confirm or deny whether you want to be traded.

The choice is entirely up to you, but it will have an impact. First of all, if you choose to request a trade, your head coach may reduce the assignment of tasks to you, and you will have problems with your teammates. You can also choose which teams you prefer to play for.

If you choose to stay, you will work with the coaching staff to study your team lineup and training direction and hope to get more playing time. Whether you decide to leave or stay in the team, you will be able to complete the Trade Rumors Quest.

Why choose a new team?
If you choose to trade and leave the team, you will control playing time.

Suppose you are selected as the power forward of the Los Angeles Lakers. But LeBron James on the team already has that position, and you may replace him on the field. So trading with the new group may help you get on the court.

If you choose to trade, there are many teams in the game to choose from, allowing your character to perform in the best state. But remember, everything you do here is just because you need to get more playing time, but it doesn't mean you can get more victories.

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