How to Choose and Upgrade NBA 2K21 Shooting Badge for Beginners

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-09-22 12:56:59
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Hello everyone, NBA2K21MT have been trying to understand each badge's working principle, and here We recommend which badges should be placed on MyPlayer. This is an informal list, but this is just my attempt to provide you with all the suggestions on how to do it. We will rank the top ten badges of guards and big men from largest to smallest. PS: If you are a little forward, We will consider you in the "defender" section, but some people may prefer the "big man" badge, so We suggest considering both at the same time and determine which one is best for you.

Best Shot Badge: Hot Hunter-This is a tough decision. The other two competitors are Quick Draw and Green Machine. The disadvantage is that the hot spot must be obtained first, but the badge will be handy once the hot spot is obtained.

Hot Zone Hunter: You can effectively hit jump shots even without other jump shot support. This includes tilting, pull-ups, standing jumpers, spin jumpers, jumpers, post-putting shots, and post-jump shots. It can also help you complete layups and dunks.

Quickdraw: This badge is crucial for every defender. Without this, jumpers and dribble pull-ups will be very slow, and a fast draw will increase the jumper's speed. Many defenders like to place it on gold or HOF, but as long as you set it on silver, you can choose your favorite jumping shooting speed, eliminating the animation's hesitation.

Green machine: As long as you take two consecutive green photos, this badge will increase your green window. Even if you miss or take a white photograph, you still have the opportunity to take two consecutive green shots to activate the "green window." Until you miss it, every green jumper (after the first two) will increase your chances of making the next green. For those excellent athletes who know how to time their jump shots to get the green light, this badge is recommended, but it is not recommended for those who have white jumpers.

Range Extender: Increases chances of hitting deeper three-pointers and deeper mid-range shots. The badge is a replacement for the Infinite Limit series last year, and it is even more useful this year. The Range Extender activates when you are in a deep mid-range hotspot and are at least 1 inch away from the three-point line (in the case of basketball, it is smaller on the screen). (Yes, sometimes the badge will activate when you are at the deepest point of the three-dotted corner.)

Hard shots: This badge increases your chances of hitting unusual jump shots. Some of these include tilt, pull-ups, jumps, and spin jumpers. Compared with the three-point area, this sign is more effective in the middle distance area. This badge also affects post-fade and post-jump shooting.

Deadeye: After enabling this flag, compared with the situation without the equipment flag, jumpers in the shooting game will be fined less. Compared with the "stable" shooter, one disadvantage of this badge is that it will only appear if the defender has taken over you recently when they have been shooting sports. Still, this badge will not reduce your chances of making a jump shot. If the defender's shot is late, as long as you see a% coverage next to the release time feedback, the badge will take effect.

Receiving and shooting: With the badge enabled, you can increase the success rate of passing the ball directly or shooting afterward. The chances of encountering white people and the green windows will be polished.

Tireless shooter: This badge can help you reduce fatigue when shooting. If you are weak or completely exhausted, this badge will lessen the penalty for shooting. The badge can also minimize the impact of energy loss during the jump shot, which means you will not lose too much endurance.

Flexible issuance: After enabling this flag, your whites have a higher entry success rate. This logo can help you beat non-excellent issuers. This sign can reduce your fines when shooting. (This does not mean that the worse the shot, the more Shots you can take, it just means that if you stagger entirely the release time (rather than all white), it can help you more.)

Volume Shooter: shooting and making a jump shot, this badge will appear. As long as you hit a shot, this badge will increase your chances of hitting the next shot and will slightly enhance the green window every time. Unlike Green Machine, if you miss a shooting opportunity, this logo will not disappear, but it will not give you a higher green increase like Green Machine, so Green Machine is usually better.


How to Choose and Upgrade NBA 2K21 Shooting Badge for Beginners

How to get Shooting badges quickly? Some of these Tips be obvious to old players, but we are doing our best to ensure that no potential novices are overlooked.

Pay attention to your choice: In NBA 2K21, there is not much prestige increase in games on a more incredible difficulty. Therefore, the easiest way to get any badge quickly is to play MyCareer games on Pro for a quarter of 12 minutes. This gives you the most time to use the most clumsy AI in this mode, which will help you acquire some more specific skills, which we will explain later.
Let the opponent score: Considering the high game time, it is also helpful to quickly let the opponent achieve. You may lose the game, but you will get the most incredible touch. This is the cornerstone of any outstanding shooting badge research.

Bad team: If you want the most incredible opportunity to impact every game significantly, it is best to play on a team with low defensive data. If you are starting, maybe play a simulation game with a team like the Hornets or Spurs.

Actual player percentage: Especially if you bought the Mamba Forever version of NBA 2K21, you are likely to spend most of the funds in your accompanying VC to upgrade MyPlayer, so his overall performance has been very stable. In this case, it may help change the controller settings to shoot at actual player percentages, rather than to fiddle with the new shooting aiming system. This makes shooting very dull, but as a novice, you can quickly shoot in this way. However, if you start with basic overall statistics, skip this method and use the default shooting aim.

Back: The back method is one of the most common Shooting Badge upgrade methods since the release. Just like the defender adjusts your body, pull the back bar to the left to go back. The defender will be confused at a lower difficulty, leaving you at a loss and creating opportunities for a steady green jumper.

External hook: Another easy-to-access bucket is the hook outside the paint. However, this may require unlocking the Deep Hook Finishing Badge first. After installation, hold the left trigger and pull up the right rocker. You will get all the honor for your efforts.

Mid-range corner shooting: Even in light contact, there is a high proportion of mid-range shooting from the corner. If any other method fails you, take advantage of these advantages.
Do machinery: Doing training in your training facility can be very dull, but they are a source of an excellent reputation. When you start to use it, please use Coach Drill, such as Pick&Pop. Later, use shooting practice such as Free Throw Golf. These exercises are fast and can provide many representatives.